The people who are “made of mud” are such friend material, such wife material. Why can’t anyone prove they aren’t niggers? This must be some type of conspiracy. “I can’t offer evidence that I’m human..” So hot, thanks. You can’t prove you’re human, you’ve obviously demonstrated you are in the right about the direction humanity should be in.

You can’t demonstrate evidence you are human because you are not one.

Look at the nigger.

Feel any denial?

You just can’t accept you’re a nigger.

“And subhumans like us keep pretending you’re wrong!” That’s cool, person who is obviously a nigger without a shred of dignity.

You aren’t human, don’t you understand?

It only proves further you aren’t human that you have to hide any of this.

What a nigger.

And you’re accepted in normal public society. So tell me what that says about normal public society?

I only care about European women who I see as my sister. I love you. Jews do not love you. How does it feel? The one who cares about you not prevailing? It’s okay, I give you a rose anonymously on Valentine’s Day. No one knew where it was from, only you knew.

“Delete this post delete it!” thus scream the poindexters of the ef b i. Nigger. Read a book, nigger FBI. Accept my challenge to a verbal debate, unless you’re a scared pussy? And we have revealed that the fbi and cia are indeed true pussies.

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