I think it was 2017 there was a wave of rightists who voluntarily ceased posting, probably because they were a certain kind of “medicine man” that could anticipate a hurricane. They didn’t want the surveillance state to be tracking them, getting them fired, etc. I remember a few of these, some of them were pretty exceptional personalities. One in mind was this intelligent, handsome blonde guy–ya know, the kind that I controversially support having the right to exist in the future–and he wrote an essay on someone named Cuddihy which at the time I found to be a daring breakthrough on the JQ.

I’m just remembering this now and finally looking at a primary text of Cuddihy’s, and it begins with this epigraph from Trilling

If you want to do precise ethnography, it seems the Jews of the Pale prevailed over Jewry.

Make no mistake, there were plutocratic ones in western Europe that had their own type of vices too. It seems the ugliness of the ones of the east was fused with the crude elements of the ones of the west–and that is “contemporary modernity”.

Strauss for instance was arguably a spiritual mischling. Some of them can escape the “exile mindset” given optimal political conditions. The ones who currently control the means of production do not aim at creating Strausses. The regime makes the man. Strauss spent his formative years in “GOG”. Similar to how I accuse whites of acting like kikes under ZOG, Strauss also can display kikey qualities although he was educated by GOG.

Let’s just be down to earth here- no one is perfect, the Germans weren’t perfect, the Jews aren’t perfect. Everyone has at least some touch of evil within them.

What is yours? Did you think of yours when I said that? Are you proud of it?

People these days do tend to “revel” in the idea of evil for some reason. Why? The true meaning of that is that you make society bad for everyone. It’s not something to revel in. It’s like people chain up their own conscience so they don’t have to face it. And “envying refinement” is just their own conscience walking around and talking as another person. Thus they want to chain them up too. Without exaggeration, what we are seeing today is a genocide of the angels.

Every subspecies has a unique higher self that it has believed in, and some were higher than others.


In most cases this is the response of someone with a “low higher self”.

If one were to, hypothetically, end the lives of people like that it would in a sense be similar to sentencing fallen angels to hell for challenging God.

“Racist 🤬 Fascist!” is just another way of saying “We need a low higher self!”

And it is as humorous as it is depressing that so many whites of the right share the same attitude. Hey man, just doing some culturology- sorry if it makes you feel like a nigger.

Theoretically, you could, right in the plain light of day, confess that you believe we need a lower higher self. It’s probably your own low higher self that is stopping you from doing that.

If everyone had that attitude we’d still be animals that never evolved into humans. This is why I invited the Anglo philosophers to use their specific talents to demonstrate this mathematically, because it does seem clear that it is “the nature of Being” to disparage those who believe in a low higher self. And a few logical steps from there, you get to a new Auschwitz.

-Anglo philosophers’ response- “That requires too high of a higher self for me.”

Niggerworld. The gavel.

Anyway, gotta hand it to Cuddihy for inspiring me with the first epigraph he uses- here’s another one

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