Even though I am an “anti-optics” person through and through, I still have hesitances about the occasional subject here and there, and for the sake of Epistemology I decide to tell you, even though I know it will only lead to more negative consequences for me.

A recurrent theme here is the way certain accounts are banned after a week or so.

Something I realized about those is that Here, I am in the presence of a man.

A man is the direct will of God without any filters.

If you want to get even more controversial, if I were to bet, the “algorithm” is designed using testosterone frequencies. If you’re a dumb little bitch your account will last for over a decade.

If you do not submit, your account will last a day, a month if you’re lucky.

Some people wonder, and it’s kind of embarrassing for me to say exactly, because being in the presence of a man entails some degree of intimidation. And this is how you know! You finally have met someone who is closely equal to you.

Why did Zuckerberg and Soyjack always enforce that?

Why does most of the right continue to enforce that about its lepers?

A bitch wearing a bonnet in broad daylight.

This is what the “males of society” are like.

You can’t merely “tell” me, you have to prove it to me. Why is it that the ones who are banned within a week seem like I’m in the presence of a man?

The people they allow to exist in zogworld are the kinds I would never shake the hand of.

In the real world–which is the opposite of jew world–people like you get the shit kicked out of you, murdered. In illusion-world you decide to pretend you’re the normal one here.

You bought this. It is not natural. Shekelniggers decided the fate of humanity, and we’re living in it.

Ever feel intimidated when I talk to you? Then it’s probably some kind of bitchnigger. Enjoy the huts worthless niggers. Why can’t you follow through with your rap and kill me with your glock? Probably because desert self-loathers find someone similar in you and created a beautiful reality for you to live in, like they have for the jewish people.

Hello David. Are you ready for a conversation not involving pity yet?

“Without all our trillion-backed lies people would look at us as pitiful?”

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