You’re lucky I’ve tried to fuse with the demos for you. The better option is to pursue a strict pathos of distance, and I have foregone that for a few years now. For the sake of epistemology, the “purity of reclusion” is optimal. No, I’ve tended weeds I thought had the potential to be flowers. Or in the case of men, to teach zoomers the difference between NASCAR and NASA. Shitposting is for memebrain plebs, it’s not going to help our cause very much. What to aspire toward is superseding Unqualified Reservations and Bjerknes. If all you can do is talk in memes or gossip superficially you probably have some farmer genetics that you can potentially use the sheer power of your Mind alone to step beyond. Anytime you get the impulse to meme, instead read a few dozens pages of something they’d want to hang you for.

Subconsciously speaking, is that why people avoid the reading? Something to ask yourself. Is it merely laziness or do they know that with too much knowledge they will be hanged?

Just another day in the gulag for me I guess. Too smirking for the academy, and unfortunately too smirking for the internet as well. I think it reflects on others more than myself that no one truly gives a crap about me here. “If you want to play that game you’re on your own!!” Yeah I guess so- and that says something about you. You’re the one that’s being smirked at, in other words. Just an overly palpable feeling I’m living in niggerworld and no one can prove me wrong (in an authentic sense). “Why don’t you keep writing?” Uhh I’m gulagged by niggers who are patently jealous of me for challenging the jews they also hate themselves- why would I have the desire to write to people who don’t care about my well-being? Yup, the “Aryan” is surrounded by the animals, that is the fact of the situation. What are my thoughts about this? I appreciate the blue sky. At least something isn’t some kind of despicable wickedness. Yup, totally innocent-seeming people reading this and understanding the jew/nigger problem in the US… And tell me, you people, “my folk” to use an innocent expression, how are you different from these ones you hate if you are so obsequious? The truth is, you’re not. I enjoy wine by the way- unrelated.

You will read the above and continue to be obsequious. Or the right-wing version, a mere memer. I’m going to Iran dude. The feds here exist in a state of exception and utilize myriad ways of trying to get you to McAfee yourself if you talk the way I do – take note. Repeatedly filling my house with bugs isn’t even the worst thing they’ve done. Oh no, it gets far more existential than that, and who alive could have that discussion with me? Next to no one. And the Persians are hesitant because they think I’d see them as niggers in certain ways. Yeah, do you want your culture to grow or remain stagnant?

A subtlety to the “international order” is that the “main enemies”, China and Iran, are protected by the Jews too. No, eastern trash that didn’t live through the Ice Age, all three of them. Just try to look at a Jew, a Chinaman, and an Iranian as if for the first time. If you have blue eyes it probably helps. It is a, nigger, and you can dot the i.

No there is nowhere in the world for us! There will be golden arches on the moon before there is anything worthwhile there.

“The 95% of niggers that constitute the earth decided to team up on you, are you mad?” No, I just pity how niggers feel so ashamed of what they are that they need to hide those who laugh at them.

Wow, look at that, it’s a nigger-ape!

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