They don’t write about their own culture the way they write about other cultures

“a branch of governmental shitposting”

I wonder if our governmental litterateurs would even have the self-awareness to see themselves in the above picture (if it weren’t shared in a place like this site). Doubtful. Essential to the machine churning on is the illusion of individuality and autonomy from the “government”.

“Governmental shitposting” – you can’t be much more of a slave than that.

I really don’t think they do have that self-awareness I mentioned – they would not find the humor in this at all

Not finding the humor in it means they prefer to be ignorant of their slavery – what else could it mean?

You think I exaggerate about the monopolistic publishing industry? It does not tolerate self-awareness. Ignorant slaves are its bread and butter. And the ignorant slaves gnash their teeth to defend it. NIGGER!

Then, once you’re at this plateau (which, again, isn’t allowed), you can begin to examine yourself as to whether you are happy being a “knowledgeable slave”–and many of my readers are just that. More accurately they’re split-self schizos who are both happy and sad and both prefer being a knowledgeable slave and an ignorant slave. They visit here because they don’t like to be an ignorant slave, and they hate it here because they do like to be an ignorant slave.

And hammer it into your brain that they will read the above and continue denying that they are a branch of the government. “I’m autonomous” AHAHAH yeah right. This denial is one of the features of being a happy ignorant slave.

“It’s the 21st century, those don’t exist!” Heh, read that study (I’ve cited before) on poetry after the Iranian Revolution and determine if you see yourself in its pages.

I DO support the Iranian Revolution, and maybe you’re similar to the zeitgeist here. The point is to not be ignorant of how you are a member of the government.

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