For all my talk of expulsions on the one hand, and all my talk of Iran on the other, I surprisingly haven’t thought to synthesize the two together until now

Oh does this make me dream.

They didn’t all escape at once, it went on throughout the 90s. Yes, the 90s of the 20th century. It’s so “too good to be true” you can’t wrap your mind around it.

Does this make anyone clench their teeth?

If you noticed from the above book cover, it was none other than the moshiach Schneerson who aided in their escape.

I love the word “was” here

the high-profile Jewish community in Tehran was a sword in the eyes of the fanatical Moslems

If these camel-riders can do it we can do it.

Do you understand “imagination”?

The Swiss-educated Shah protected them

not long before the Khomeini revolution, the Shah himself secretly met with some Jewish leaders, told them he could no longer guarantee their future, and suggested that they should make contingency plans. And so they did, as we shall see.

Apparently under the Shah Iranian Jews acted like American Jews. Wow, some of the best people around then.

Chabadniks had to spend millions of dollars to get them to safety in the US.

The FBI allowed them to get away with forging passports.

There’s more truth in the spirit of this casual post than accounts with 200,000 tweets put together. It takes a real simple person to be such a regime patsy. “Shucks, maybe I AM simple.”

There are layers and layers of political esotericism to this little-known migration

You would probably think of the Persians as suicide-bombers and nothing else without me.

Our jews love revolution. And this is about the one revolution in the world they hate.

You’re really so blind about the egregore and its effects on us that you find no joy in imagining them needing to escape the US? Yup, it’s a simpleton.

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