Sneaking a peek at Schmitt’s diary? Sounds awesome

Few documentary collections have ever required such a momentous reevaluation of a historical figure.

Ironically, his readers of today exist in a “state of exception” regarding HIM – look how polemically this begins

Must have hit a nerve with this (((Bendersky))).

Similar to Evola and Heidegger, Schmitt went to the grave entirely unapologetic about his involvement with the Axis forces.

He wrote his diaries in Gabelsberger stenography and even the people who published them haven’t deciphered everything.

Due to the subjects that Schmitt treats he often has a connotation of being a brute. This is not the case, he was a highly refined gentleman. More than nearly all subjects I can think of, geopolitics in particular seems like a “man’s subject”, I think that’s what it’s about. Imagine a lieutenant in a “war room” pointing at a map- that’s the kind of nature Schmitt had. He even scoffed at the supposed “warrior” Jünger’s utopian novel that promotes the end of all war.

Everyone thinks they have an automatic, intuitive grasp of his famous “friend-enemy distinction”, and this is so false, most people don’t have a clue. If you’re a golem you have no idea about the meaning of that, go fetch some whipped cream.

Whoa, there’s actually a book devoted to this I’m seeing

Not on z-library etc. – immediately purchased from amazon, thank you very much.

Too many tabs open now that I remembered his diaries exist.

Let’s just go over some technical details. You might have heard of his Glossarium? That is what was NOT written in Gabelsberger. What WAS written in Gabelsberger amounts to thousands of pages.

When you read me you know that you momentarily feel like a spiritual Nazi at times, just admit it. HAHAHAH!

He does LOOK like someone I’d trust more than some random Jew

Someone else who wrote in those glyphs (I find in a novel)

the three people who can read Gabelsberger don’t intersect with the ten people who can understand Kurt Gödel.

We’re talking about one of the probably top 3 theorists of politics from the 20th century here.

There are some recent translation projects you can find on the Krautnet.

This is some eerie material right off the bat

Wow, this thinking is so illegal if you know how to decipher it

Or put differently, it’s an open secret that isn’t allowed to be voiced. Imagine saying “Yes, I have an obligation to be loyal to the enemy and not be racist toward Jews.” Ya fired!

The bitchbrain goyim don’t even worry about being fired because they’re simply loyal to the enemy which they regard as their friend. So tired of these sickening niggers.

Ahhh the translation is so garbled, and so interspersed with Latin. There are gems there though.

I read the following earlier and was skeptical. After meditating on it more I doubt it’s an exaggeration

they are counted among the most important diary works written in German language.

He slanders the Anglos a lot too. That’s perfectly acceptable in our zeitgeist, even lauded. And that tells you who REALLY won the war. Imagine siding with a tribe in a war only to have this consequence. Anglos were duped out of their wits.

Oh man, reading Schmitt’s diaries directly is so much better than reading that kike’s essay on them I quoted earlier. Who knows how many years before this is in English.

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