It’s the most difficult thing in the world what I demand of people, so I don’t fault them for not being capable of it.

If you are able to entertain the ideas of a “cruel monster” like me for a minute, I really do believe the following is objective truth.

A fog is lifted when you realize what a nigger is. These are blacks, browns, women, jews, and pleb-whites (though I’m sure some could innovate further types).

A fog is lifted when you reach enlightenment about this. And before you pipe up, NO, not all jews- that’s because the noblest Jews are made into lepers. And the same phenomenon is detectable among women, browns, etc. Even these lepers can’t go all the way though, otherwise they would’ve joined forces with me, who is the most extreme aristocracy-advocate on the internet. So, you’re still a nigger. It’s nice you’re distant from your specific milieu at least.

You probably won’t understand this unless “grace” gave you the experience of fog lifting. In most cases, grace does not visit people. Personally speaking, I just had a mystical experience this morning. For some this is somewhat regular. The problem is that you need to WANT to know God in the first place, otherwise it won’t happen. Who cares about that these days? Promoting nigger causes is the god of today. “We jews didn’t deserve to die!” Are you done lying yet? No, they’ll never be done, hence they need to die in a “final sense”.

The idea of a teenager reading this and understanding makes me laugh. Know that in an ideal context of Initiation there would probably be corporal punishment. So you’re missing out on education in that regard. From the internet the best I can give a rebellious brat (which is what most teenagers are) is the advice to stop caring even what I say and study the canonical philosophers.

For instance, Saint Augustine isn’t exactly someone I agree with about some essential things, and I encourage you to read even him.

This isn’t something that’s easy to understand, it’s a sort of paradox. The wisest minds are still wise even if you disagree with them.

I’ve written about Rousseau here and here to get pre-hemlocked takes winkwink

“Unfortunately, it’s UNIVERSAL that we ALL want people like you to DIE!!” Really? I never would have expected that message from you. I’m being sarcastic. I have to say I’m being sarcastic because I’m not sure a nigger would be able to detect sarcasm.

At a certain level of ascension you’re not speaking to anyone alive anymore, only people from the past who knew better than them.

“We hide you because you reveal we’re niggers!” Yes, that is exactly why you hide it. Stupid nigger ape with clothes that speaks English.

Make some more excuses why someone closer to God than you should be excluded from society.


Truly. Prove you are human. I give it 100% chances you can’t.

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