Got a message through my ancient ebay account from one of my hometown best friends who I haven’t talked to for years. Perhaps this is an opportunity for a meditation on Time in a concrete (i.e. not stupid, philosophical) sense.

I told him we’re OLD now! Our ebay accounts are our RuneScape usernames if that tells you anything. Mine is a reference to Futurama. We spent thousands of hours together on RuneScape and playing soccer, and just generally growing up. I remember him drawing a funny cartoon of me spitting sand out after going down on this girl on the beach. That was new for our friend circle. High school was just about being horny, wasn’t it? Horny, angsty, there isn’t much self-awareness at that age. You try to give a convincing appearance that you know what Life is when really you have no clue at all. I still felt like a “puppy” until probably 27? After that the world started getting pretty Schopenhauerian.

When I touch base with an old friend it’s interesting where my mind instinctively goes to. It’s about “the generations”. The older ones, the possible younger ones- family. The kind of trouble you might have gotten into that would interfere with that. The appreciation of youth. This is just standard anti-sabbatean “trad” pretty much. What would you say if an old friend contacted you? It kind of reveals what’s important. Had fun, now what are you doing, are you going to perpetuate yourself? And then these questions are of course different at an older stage of life. -me at 40- Yeah… I’m still writing about philosophy in ways that make people want me to die, not so sure I’ll be having a family or something like that. The thing is, I still feel like the exact same person he knew me as in high school. I just like starting trouble because I think it’s funny…

It gets serious though when you apply that attitude in an adult way.

No one would ever admit that though, that I’ve “pranked” them so bad that I’ve given them existential crises.

It’s because when you’re an adult it isn’t a prank anymore, it’s something higher than a prank. Still there is something similar there. I’ve said before that I often identify with the god of the north, Loki.

I am excessively cognizant of what the “highest pranks” are. There is not an “adult world” that I am blind to. I prank the adult world.

All you can do is pretend it never happened and hide it through various means. Because I exposed that you live a lie.

So in case you ever wondered what type of person they keep out of society, I’d have to say one of them participates in the spirit of Loki.

Yup, I like to mess with you, pull the rug out from under your feet. I guess you have to spend years pretending bots are people in order to preserve your illusion that your life isn’t a lie. It’s a nigger, it’s a nigger, it’s a nigger, yes- this is the fact. And the center of the galaxy is the Jew-nigger.

It’s weird how even in those days with my old friend I had an idea of what “the herd” is. Before even reading anything about it, or talking with anyone about it. That was there. And I was magnetized to writers who understood it too. Back in those days you felt like a “punk” or “emo” or something like that. Nah, we were like a jock with a real-life trolling side. The pessimism manifested through humor. He definitely wasn’t as misanthropic as me, it just says something about him that he was one of my best friends. Just a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky kind of person who for some reason finds that sort of dark perspective amusing.

What would you say to your high school best friend you haven’t talk to in years? It’s a pretty existential thing. I feel like I’m responsible for corrupting him in a way. I’m sure his parents have a secret hatred of me or something like that, and I almost don’t blame them. It’s Apollo vs. Dionysus, and they were Apollonians, and I thoroughly respect that. Let’s just say, someone with the nature that would pretty soon get obsessive about someone like Nietzsche you wouldn’t want around teenagers. Heidegger is right about this point. A foundation of something akin to Aristotelianism is essential for the young. In the west we have Christianity for that. And my friend affected me in certain ways as an Apollonian too.

For epistemology’s sake, reflecting on the US education system, why is it that philosophy isn’t taught in high schools? It’s because they intuitively know Heidegger’s insight. On the other hand, when your state-enforced “Aristotelianism” is Sabbateanism, the Lokis are probably only a healthy addition to a fallen political system.

This is my non-philosophical thought on Time.

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