I don’t know what to tell you people, this is the most interesting thing on the planet to me

Lest you forget, thee site that memed me into Persia the most is this one. Some of us still care about “science”. I don’t let all the state-ideologues ruin it for me. This is easily one of the top 3 sites on the internet that approaches scientificity about “the most interesting thing on the planet”. It is a model for the future English-speaking Antiversity.

آنچه که قوم یهود امروز در جهان می‌کند و به آن‌ شهرت دارد، نمودی از‌ ساخت‌ درونی‌ و انعکاس باورها، تضادها و تعارضات اوست. انسجام‌ و تداوم قوم یهود یکی از‌ دشوارترین‌ پدیده‌های روان‌شناسی فردی-جمعی را تحقّق بخشیده‌ است.

“”Bush’s” terrorism propaganda worked on me!!” Yes, you are my psychotherapy patient too, mr. or ms. goy.

I know both the Greeks and the Hebrews, and I choose to be a Greek. Only if you know both, and know them well, are you in a place to make a judgment. This choice exists in a great many Europeans, they just tend not to know there is another option. Once it is made visible to them they will have something of an epiphany that “I am Greek”. And no, believe it or not, I don’t mean “Hebrew Greek”. 99% of what you read about the Greeks is kiked, so watch out.

In the same breath I will say that the Greeks also had their errors. Oh god, I just remembered, is that Travolta movie, Grease, buried in your subconscious somewhere? Could be a psyop, I don’t know. Homer Simpson, Napoleon Dynamite, I don’t think these are coincidences, call me a tinfoil or not.

My personal method for sidestepping the decline? I’ve never seen a performance of a Greek play. The youtube videos are enough to convince me I should not do that. I read them and use my imagination. Pretty much anyone after Nietzsche talking about the Greeks I take with a grain of salt. I even see Nietzsche’s interpretations as garbage at this point in my journey. If someone is cozied-up to orcworld in any way and wants to tell you about the Greeks I would keep my distance. It truly is an open question to me whether the Germans should be taken to the moon at all. It could be that we only take Ancient Greeks. Ironically, it would probably be generally central Europe that would be best for doing that. Definitely no Jews, they’re a cursed race, I don’t know what to tell you. In fact, in order to even flourish on the moon the Jews of earth would need to be genocided out of existence. Space-travel is just a thought-experiment here for the most part. By the way, that mischling continues to try to meet up with me and I resist the Grug within me. Esther is not going to be using her wiles on me. Total annihilation is the ideal. “Should evil exist at all?” No, it shouldn’t, all of it should be destroyed. They have this same exact thought about us, except theirs is a normal thing in society. That is the demiurge in operation. They want you absolutely annihilated and a monkey that is no different from the kind in the jungle. The difference is, WE do not have their plethora of exile-induced pathologies. While they are smart, their intelligence is specifically geared toward causing decomposition. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you people this example- if Nick Land is able to be psyopped into golemhood it is possible for ANYONE, so don’t think you even have much of a chance. We are getting out of it. Accelerationism means advancing forward regardless of the consequences and casualties. I even attack my own “base” because they ARE base. Memebrain pleb, thanks for all the shitposting for years. You’ve really contributed something, nigger. Do something like that Sumer genealogy instead, only better. That’s true Aryan, not being a shitposter. You’re just one with the gynocracy-approved gossip-hens otherwise.

That’s why I like that Persian site. It’s its own spin on “scholarship”. They write articles there, they cite references, they attack the Enemy while holding nothing back – we need more of this. Their only problem is they focus on Israel. The main problem is American Jews. Israel is still in the process of being formed (hence the American ones don’t live there). They use YOUR blood as nutrients for the soil of their garden so that it CAN be formed. Every American kike has this in the back of their mind. Note though that the Sabbatean does not care if it is specifically in the eastern Mediterranean. The actual land of Israel is only symbolic for their desire for planetary totalitarianism. They could easily put “Israel” in Madagascar and they’d be fine, as long as Jews are the center of the world. Do you see how much of a conquered buffoon Dugin is in light of this sketch of “true multipolarity”? Whatever, he’s my cousin, like Yarvin, and I don’t hold it against them too much that they’re all-too-human. “You mean you wouldn’t put me in the same ditch with the jews and the Niggers?” Hey now, let’s not jump to conclusions. You’d obviously be kept in a cage of some sort, with your writings scrutinized by Kantians (i.e. people who don’t compromise), before they could be published. After a few years of that maybe you could be allowed to be a free citizen.

We don’t want any golems on the moon. Can you pass the test? It’s highly doubtful…

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