Why is this the first thing I see when I look up where h. d. scholarship is these days?

You thought this site was anything more than extremely highbrow levels of flirtation.

No… you can only understand truth if you are one with the perfect woman. That’s a main problem of philosophy.

I like to imagine a woman exists who is both sweet and beautiful and also is able to face the truth.

The truth of what you might ask. We are living in niggerworld.

Just go from there. An instinctive hatred for sellouts especially. Thinking jews browns women etc have any kind of respectable belief. I only laugh when I hear those, and I’m kept out of [the nigger-egregore society] sorry if you cannot participate because you seem like not far away from trailer trash.

“The jew world promised us PROGRESS.” Yeah, and you somehow seem like trailer trash ghetto now as a result.

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