Something about the Ukraine situation that’s making me laugh is that even if we went to war with Russia the NPC-caste which is capable only of nothingburgers would continue to be committed to the Lie. And you expect them to change during PEACE time? If Americans were dying–I bet if someone from their own family died–they would continue to be liars!

I don’t even care to tell you the Realpolitik of the Ukraine thing, because it’s been consistently demonstrated to me that I’m speaking to a completely hollow people. This is a people that deserves to die for nothing in a war with Russia. Go to war not knowing why, and die not knowing why you went to war- Americans deserve this for being voluntarily pig-ignorant.

Okay okay just for starters, you need to be able to face Hodos directly. If you can’t do that, anything you say about Ukraine is grift. And again, even if we went to war! they would continue to not face Hodos! These people are worse than worthless. Liars to the grave. Your girlboss marine sister is deployed in Ukraine and is grenaded into pink mist – you still will continue to be a schmoozer! That’s someone with no dignity.

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