Okay, this is momentous enough for me to participate on the “current event” plane. I think Is there a secret Putin? is the first question to ask. For this, mostly intuition needs to be resorted to, so take it however you want. The way he frames it as the “denazification” of Ukraine I take as a deliberate insult directed toward the west’s weltanschauung. He KNOWS this is the ONE way he can get away with what he’s doing. It’s subterfuge. And it’s a consciously ironic kind. He knows he’s “being a nazi” by doing what he’s doing all the while saying he’s de-nazifying it. If this is true it’s a stroke of political genius, who knows, the situation is too complicated, and will need time to understand.

Notice that people who think on the approved level of discourse are not able to formulate this (pretty simple) speculation. That’s because they’d have to admit he’s insulting THEM, and admit “This is what I truly care about, whether someone is a nazi or not.” And of course disclosing that level of self-awareness is a faux pas, often with career-devastating consequences.

So what is Putin doing with that pretext of denazification, from my perspective? It’s kind of like desecrating the grave of a pajama wailer. Time will tell, this is just my initial “read”.

He’s copying the playbook of the jews in fact. He decries nazis while acting like one himself.

And this can get us into further conspiratorial territory. The basic fact is that both Russia and Ukraine are Jewish-owned nations. So “Putin’s invasion” could easily be some type of “maneuvering” that was game-planned into a Political Science over many years. For now we’re just looking at the surface of “the authoritative white man asserting himself”. If I were you, in the next weeks I’d trust the instinct of people on shekina.mybb more than others. Dugin for instance I expect to be a Putin-advocate no matter what, because his soul is fused with his regime. Goyim have a problem of not recognizing how played they were until a couple decades after because they get lost in the excitement, so keep an eye out for this phenomenon in yourself.

At the risk of sounding somewhat cliche (“Libs are the REAL racists!”) I DO think that is one of the more interesting alleyways to go down toward understanding a potential “secret Putin”. If you read Hodos (whose books are insta-translatable from the Ukrainian) he’s one of those Jews like Shahak that hates his fellow Jews for being so Nazi-like. To me, there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s simply a sane people. We can use traitors like Hodos though for getting a sharper understanding of things. This could possibly be a secret meaning of Putin’s- that he is “denazifying” Ukraine of the NaziJew-hold, represented most obviously by the president (((Zelenskyy))), and less obviously by the usual suspect plutocrats who got him there.

Again, too soon to tell. Any “hot take” at this early time is going to be a crapshoot. I have a strong suspicion that this is Putin being a puppet to lead whites into war with other whites, once again.

Zoom out for a second. The shekelniggers who run our society do not like the fact that right-wingers have a fondness for Putin. They could be planning to use this Ukraine move to destroy him, ultimately. Have you studied Luria yet? Of course not, and that’s why I feel surrounded by niggers of many kinds.

I like him too, I just temper it because I know what is banned under “his” supposed authority. For now, the naive side of myself is seeing this “invasion” as Putin doing something to convince me that Russia can possibly contend with Iran in terms of Sovereignty.

Who in our sphere wants to see Putin be the next Saddam? FUCK NO! It’s possible this is some operation that could lead to that. Goyim need to think on a further time-frame.

The main target in our time is the “white man”, and Putin exemplifies that more than nearly anyone alive. Even if he has to make his compromises, that is still what he is. He has to live on a globe with this egregore-face looking at him from above, judging him, while not being able to judge it himself.

My litmus-test is that if the Brain of Russia, Dugin, is able to be manipulated into silence, then the politician is able to be too.

For this reason I support the Iran nuclear program. Consider the thought-experiment of Syria being invaded by Israel, which is a constant, daily thing the media never shows you, bombs every day there and in Lebanon, except this time Syria has a nuke to use. And instead it’s Iran with a nuke. The way the world is going I might even say it’s worth the risk to nuke Israel. If Israel were merely invaded today there would be World War 3. Kid, you’re already living in that. It’s an information war. Might as well just get it over with and invade Kike HQ. “That will NOT be good!” And your grandchildren being intentionally-engineered monkeypeople who don’t have the brains to question kikes is “good”?

At least from the perspective of 2/24/22, Putin is reactualizing “Tsar behavior” and this is something to be honored if it is a pure intention, because the Ukraine is indistinguishable from the EU niggerkike scheme of things.

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