I’m choosing to go with the optimistic interpretation of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Whether it’s a planned domino effect that will result in him being the next Gaddafi, I’m just going to bracket for now. It seems obvious that thee text to consult on this matter is Dugin’s one that was published after Putin seized Crimea in 2014.

The reason Dugin is not allowed in the US is because of his thoughts on the Crimea “invayjjun”. So there’s a significance there.

His book is insta-translated here.

The following from that is what we “Schmittians” are trying to do today with Putin’s “frolic” in Ukraine

how right the author was, and how wrong; in what he was ahead of the events, correctly recognizing their meaning, and in what he hurried or incorrectly correlated the factors.

If you liked to play with those little green soldiers as a kid? This is the adult form of that for men. Watching sports is a let’s call it “humble-brain” version of this.

I vehemently disagree with some of Dugin’s beliefs- that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make virtually every other Russian look like an imbecile in comparison. So what is this invasion about? Let’s ask the person to ask. He doubtlessly understands it better than even Putin himself does. Here are his recent thoughts on the 2022 invasion.

This is from his last public TV interview after the 2014 invasion

if we lose Crimea, we will lose Russia too.

An approximate parallel for Americans could be the “swing-state voters”. Yes, the US is lost. It’s a reality and we’re living in it. Try to laugh. City and zoo have been fused into one.

These types are non-existent in the US, pretty much all pussies who don’t believe in anything

Two were my friends who went to Novorossia and died there in the name of the ideals of Eurasianism in the struggle for the Russian future

Yeah YOU pussy, good job doing nothing. How does it feel to be a festering vagina?

Hey, no one’s judging you.

Damn, this is an apt way to describe “what people aren’t allowed to talk about here”

this global Western-centric network exist in Russia as well, are represented in the Russian elite and constitute the sixth column, much more camouflaged and hidden than the fifth, and acting more subtly, but sometimes more effectively.

“Wait a second- that’s what I am! Part of the sixth column!” It is very like that is the case. What I’ve called freelance Mossad agents.

“I won’t stop until even toddlers get a vote!” Yes, you’re clearly mature yourself.

Anyway, something to make Ukraine more of a pressing issue to you- (((America))) is in control of Ukraine. Freeing Ukraine from its influence would set an example to other European countries. It could even give hope to a place like Iran to “invade” zogged Iraq. I for one want Californians exiled to Mexico since California is such a beautiful place. You can’t imagine something extreme happening in the US. Putin’s recent ballsiness makes it seem more possible.

Heh this is what Dugin says of that kike Bernard-Henri Levy

will bring politics, philosophy, and fashion under the ordered model.

So many niggers in the English-speaking world like this. I definitely would not have any remorse if they were shot in the back of the head and flopped into a ditch. I think Genghis Khan was right about rape too.

Prefer me to lie? That’s a blessing in disguise for a soulless person. You can either send them to hell by killing them or ensure their future incarnation is at least half-soulless. I know I shouldn’t even this, I’m just going to drop it.

Interesting to see Dugin saying this in 2014 and looking at Putin’s recent actions

The fact that for the past year and a half or two years he has been talking about the meaning of ideas, about meanings and values, even about ideological confrontation and rivalry, is a very good sign of his evolution. He is learning, he is growing as a president, but very late.

Now I’m imagining who Trump’s been talking with since 2020. Hopefully people who advocate mass-murder. That way I would look forward to him rerunning. Sorry if you can’t handle the reality of what needs to be done. Go play with legos or something. Do you think Putin cries himself to sleep for obliterating golems into smithereens with missiles? I bet it makes him laugh. That’s the right attitude when you are not callous to the presence of evil in the world. What lack of integrity does it require for someone to be content with golems being in charge of their children’s education? Bye now, you’re in hell, have a good time, it’s because your great-grandparents were niggers and you are just like them.


the self-consciousness of the East will gradually grow, which lags behind the self-consciousness of the West of Ukraine, the ideology of the East of Ukraine, separatist plans will be formed

I bet Poland is having an existential crisis right now for instance.

I feel like this guy thinking about this. “Excellent… Germany next…”

Oh yeah, yesterday I forgot to mention something important. Putin’s invasion is perceived by people who were invaded by Jews. Americans’ worldviews are products of an invasion by a hook-beaked “Putin”. The people who hate Putin for invading Ukraine tend to be people who accept and embrace that they were themselves invaded by someone. WHO TO HATE MORE, JEWS OR THEIR NIGGERS?

Like I said, I’m going with the optimistic view of Putin here. It excites me that I don’t have to resort to Iran. Putin’s invasion is a potential sign of genuine multipolarity.

Let’s put it this way- it’s obvious the US would step in if he began “rounding up” Jews in Ukraine. He can’t be truly multipolar because that would cause a war. What he’s doing now looks on the surface to be a second-best option that is brave nonetheless.

Unfortunately we can’t seamlessly transplant the geopolitics of Europe/Russia onto America. There isn’t anything like Ukraine here. It’s the basic form of Putin challenging global liberalism that can be an inspiration rather than the specific contents at play. It goes without saying that he’s going to inspire the Chinese. Our own people are probably too dead inside, too “invaded”, to inspire.

Wow, this is so relatable

to recognize this scum as “authority” means to recognize the Russians as cowardly and servile degenerates, incapable of historical existence

Dugin wrote these as diary entries – we can use them to get a better grasp on present events

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