Look who Idel devotes a chapter in one of his books to

These three highest divine heads have always been one of the main themes of what I write about, I just didn’t always know it.

Why is it that everyone and their grandma knows about Athena being born from the head of Zeus and no one knows about this?

in the highest part of the sefirotic realm, the Head is conceived as the source of the Female.

This is from Idel’s book on the Shekina by the way.

“I can understand modern-day feminism without understanding Kabbalah!!!” Ehhh no you’d have to be blind to think that.

The Kabbalistic three-headed god is similar to the Hindu deity on the left here

I bet you can name a couple of these deities. And yet you’ve probably never heard of Erich Anpin or Zeir Anpin.

Does the above look like the hidden head to you? No, you have to climb to reach the hidden head.

The three-headed god was known to Abulafia- thus it’s a belief that even predates the Zohar.

Doesn’t it give you pause that people in the now are existentially entwined with this three-headed god? I.e. that they get emotional about the hidden head staying hidden?

Look your God in the face

Notice how I have to rely on Hindu imagery. This is because, again, this god is hidden. There aren’t visual representations of it. And you thought that only Muhammad couldn’t be represented visually. Oh no, we’re living in a pious culture indeed.

Thanks I think I’ll pass on worshiping this

In this light it’s so creepy to watch real-live people make offerings to “it”

And how is this even possible?

Don’t pretend you worship out of piety when you really worship out of necessity.

Oh is that so? Then explain my existence. Explain Bjerknes’ existence. You just took the easy way out because that’s the kind of person you are. Worldly cretins with a shit-eating grin on their face. They know what they are and they continue to do it anyway.

You know what makes me grin? Idel taking swipes at Wolfson. Where are the highbrows in our culture? I don’t know. Nowhere.

And I mean “Goebbels” grinning at the tiger swat. Golems are lowbrow by definition. It’s about the fear of God. How are you so scared of this? I can’t see you as a refined person if you’re so terrified of this you are incapable of questioning it

You are dominated by your emotions.

There’s a higher God to fear.

How is that respectable when a lesser deity, a demiurge, scares you?

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