I like to see this place as somewhere anyone in the world can visit to be free from the lies that are told to them like they’re children. Just speaking to you frankly, it is a questionable thing whether there is any noble element to browns, white proles, women, or jews. At first glance one wants to ball it up and toss it in the wastebasket. So if you’re one of those people reading this it’s a sign you could have this noble element. I don’t mince words, I see women as a different race entirely. If you don’t talk like I do about them then you simply don’t care about your own race. “Liberation” means winning Nobel prizes for outstanding achievements of the Mind. Show me a feminist that promotes that. The lack thereof is evidence that women are truly wastebasket material. I wouldn’t be telling a five-year-old girl this, and apparently I can’t even tell a thirty-five-year-old girl. It’s time to reflect on how you can actually be a true liberator of your female race. Because from what I can tell, feminists are only subjecting their fellow women to more extreme forms of slavery ultimately. Believe it or not I want you to be more than a “baby-machine”. The standard beliefs of today are not going to help you ascend beyond that. It is in fact the direct opposite we are experiencing in the west. Women are less than baby-machines, they are prostitutes.

Guess what, anon? One day love will find you.

“Yes, if you shut your mouth about the Jews.” No, that isn’t real love.

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