This image of Russians has stuck with me since I was a kid

Libs’ perception of Russians continues to be the quality of N64 graphics.

In another sense their perception of them is like the graphics of the latest Xbox- it is true that they are naturally an illiberal people. (It’s their perception of illiberalism that has choppy graphics.) For this reason, despite being zogged, occupying Ukraine is an improvement.

The EU promotes values that lead to dystopias. The Ukraine was heading in that direction.

At shekina.mybb they call golems “scoops” (for reasons I’m not aware of). I wouldn’t mind if Russia started bombing the scoops of Sweden and Italy.

Something bad I expect to happen is they’ll make a martyr out of Zelenskyy. A dead Jewish head-of-state would be the best gift possible for (((them))). It would be better to force him into exile. Even then, they’d be playing with fire (nuclear fire). Our Secretary of State has roots in Ukraine, mind you.

Glad now to have learned some things about Khmelnytsky? Vlad Putin is the contemporary avatar of him.

Ukraine was created by none other than LENIN himself! And we know that just makes the “liberals” salivate.

Consider the difference between west and east Europe- Cromwell was a contemporary of Khmelnytsky. And look how different Anglos are from Slavs today.

There’s a movie about the Khmelnytsky Uprising if you’re more into that medium.

It’s a white dude invading and bombing a country with a kike president- this is not a normal event that’s happening in the world right now!! So it’s good to get some background understanding.

Do you remember Shestopal? He’s the #punished genealogist they purged from the Ukrainian academy in the 60s. This is his main book. This is the most daring historiographer I’m aware of on this region of the world.

As for the present situation, here is a glimpse at some prominent plutocrats affiliated with Zelenskyy. I’d call them “Ukrainian” but one of them has literally QUINTUPLE citizenship. What’s worse than Chabadniks? Answer- Chabadniks that are billionaires. This is what Putin is up against, Zelenskyy is only an actor. No, seriously, if you recall, prior to being elected president he starred in a popular show about being elected president. This is absurdoworld!

Hodos’ thesis seems to be not very far off from Putin’s

Not only Hodos believes those Chabadniks are consciously attempting to restore the Radhanite empire, it’s a theme one sees on the Ukenet. Putin also believes they seek to broach Russia after they’ve “scoopified” Ukraine. (Refresh yourself on some dimensions of the political system of the Radhanites here.)

If I were a Ukrainian right now I’d feel like Hamsun when the Nazis occupied Norway (thrilled). Who wouldn’t want Chabadniks (who doctrinally see you as a slave to be exploited, leveled, and/or pimped-out) rooted out of their country? Oh yeah, leftists.

Heh I wonder what percent of Americans weeping about Ukraine even have bothered to read the Rusnet perspective on Zelenskyy

Ideally speaking though, it would be optimal for Russia to have a civil war rather than war with Ukraine. We take what we can get I guess. Quarter-golems vs. half-golems. Putin and Dugin for instance are “reformatted elites” in ways I’m not sure they realize. Sigh, boomers.

Some decent articles on this site

reveals the essence of the new Kolomoisky-Zelensky regime in Ukraine

You will not see one American leftist mention Kolomoisky or the ideas in the Tanya that he believes in. This is of course because they have already been rendered mentally retarded by Chabad-esque forces themselves.

Ahhh you hate to see it

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