Back to that study on Luria many scholars think highly of that was recently uploaded to z-library – this is a concise summary of the system that gives you an idea of its sophistication

Remember this from the CCRU? People look at it and think Whoaaaa duuuude crazyyyy and the sephiroth aren’t even what’s primary in Kabbalah

Even on google images on the Heebnet there are no visual representations of the partzufim. That’s probably a task that’s up to us.

Even the Shekina is exoteric. Her true name is Nuqba de-Ze‘ir. Bjerknes calls Shekina the Goddess of Prostitutes in his latest series and makes a convincing case for it. I don’t think he is partzufimpilled unfortunately.

What is in question are personages they believed preceded Adam and Eve. So it’s an ontological claim about the nature of the human being, these “faces” that face each other, that face us, and that we can face.

It’s a familial descent. The best part of Adam’s soul is from Abba and Imma of Atzilut.

Probably looks like meaningless gobbledygook to you. Here is the hundredth confirmation of the following I’ve seen – is this not suspicious?

This statement is from 2003. Between 1987 and then, two studies were published in Hebrew and have yet to be translated.

This is their secret thought on the meaning of human beings. Adam had a “grandpa”, what?

There’s cohesion between this post and my previous one. The question is how they truly see Ukrainians, what their vision of humanity really is. Even if Putin does practice ketman about the JQ and is playing a sly game, I doubt he knows much about this partzufim business. Same with the theologian-governors of Iran, and same with those in China who consciously strive to rise above the Jews rather than the euphemistic ~west~.

The west was conquered by a people of a certain religion and they don’t even bother to see what that religion IS. Russia and Iran, and to a lesser extent China, are in danger of being conquered by the people of this religion and they rarely bother to see what that religion is either. Shekina.mybb is not nuqba.mybb. And why not go to the heart of the matter? Nuqba descends from Imma. It’s a matter of what tier of the emanation you desire to understand. I want to understand the highest tier, the very essence, not the simulacra of the lowest world of Asiah.

I showed you before that what is translated of Vital, the main source of Lurianism, is a mere fraction. This is all news to me when I finally see it in English – it’s a philosophy of what a person is and should be

Looking at political conditions I’m going to have to say I don’t like any four of those aspects of those partzufim.

Isn’t it amusing to imagine someone like Kolomoisky reading this? “He can speak our language, good thing none of the idiot Ukrainians or Russians do.”

When you study Kabbalah it’s really easy to see how and why Jews “let themselves go” over the centuries

Jacob and Leah, the least sublime type of intradivine love possible, because of the prevalence of forces of divine Judgment, associated especially with Leah

Eliminate judgment and see what happens to a people. Give such a people responsibility over other people and see what happens to them. Yeah, you could say I’m judging you Jews.

And it looks like Putin is too, given that the EU is a product of you and your kabbalah. Lucky guy gets to have hypersonic missiles to judge you with.

You can read this study here.

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