It’s just too easy to pull the carpet out from under the spectacle

He loves Ukrainian politics. He does not like the Azov Battalion, but he loves its sponsor. He does not understand, apparently, that a sponsor can simultaneously finance both the synagogue and the Nazis, if it is Kolomoisky.

Something that may be so obvious it’s invisible to see is how much of a slap in the face it is that Zelenskyy is the president of Ukraine IF you know who was behind the Holodomor. That doesn’t happen in a country that isn’t thoroughly brainwashed. Well not to be rude but Ukrainians aren’t exactly known for being the brightest Euro subspecies. Their women are attractive though, so that has to say something about them.

Anyway, in light of the above quotation it’s possible that Putin consciously invaded “Kolomoisky’s Ukraine”.

Wouldn’t it be epic to hear a plane with him on it was shot down when he was trying to escape?

It’s not just him, he has a circle

Some knew

The show Servant of the People that Zelenskyy starred in premiered in 2015

The Pandora Papers revealed connections between these two Jews, which began to be leaked in October 2021.

It’s overwhelming trying to grasp how messed up all this is, so I will restate the basic facts. After HOLODOMOR, someone closely affiliated with an ideology that calls for wiping goyim off the face of the earth was elected president through some of the most cunning propaganda in history.

See for yourself

It’s too overwhelmingly cunning to grasp!!

This DOES seem like an appropriate response to such subterfuge

You have to hand it to those Jews, they ARE smart. They’re not fooling me. All the goytards will fall for it though.

More on Putin’s so-called “denazification”

Biletsky is extremely reluctant to speak about the sponsors of his unit… Soon, a photograph appeared on Filatov’s page, where the Azov battalion commander in uniform posed with a joyful smile next to Kolomoisky’s deputy.

Kolomoisky funded the Azov Battalion from the beginning of its activity, in 2014. This is the same year Servant of the People began filming…

“Let’s pick a good name for these morons, hmm let’s see- Servant of the People! Perfect!”

Someone needs to write a study on this “state of the art” propaganda.

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