While we’re on the subject of Chabad – just a normal way to begin an essay

That’s the real meaning of this “star”

It makes me laugh when I realize my Jewish readers probably see me as useful swine. Ask yourself- do you see goyim in general that way? The truth that your conscience tells you will explain to you why I see ZOG the way that I do.

There’s a decent likelihood that Kolomoisky regards Schneerson as the moshiach. Here is Wolfson on the latter

even the more active role assigned to the non-Jew is tied to benefiting Jews in material matters.

There’s something to admire about Wolfson. He’s definitely less of a liar than Idel (who it is known has the face-physiognomy of a cannibal). Wolfson says outright that there’s a tendency in scholarship to be defensive and dishonest about the non-equality between jews and goyim. This is about the terms of their “collaboration”, which you can see in the quote above.

Look at Wolfson’s fellow faculty in the department of religion here. Do the non-yids ever read him saying these things, that they were born to be used by him? This is making me cackle

“It’s my FAITH! Shiksas are my whores, do you expect me to stop being a proud Jew?”

Doesn’t Kolomoisky look like the kind of guy who would feel bad about the history of sex-trafficking in Ukraine being erased from history?

Sorry if I’ve given you a mental illness. Only old men are supposed to know about many of the things I say, and they’re only supposed to talk to each other about them. It’s your fault, I’ve told you to leave.

Somewhat disturbingly, I found this Wolfson essay in a book titled Kabbalah and Modernity. The prediction is that the status of goyim as useful swine will continue throughout the 21st century. That pretty much makes every day for us like Christmas, right?

This essay might as well be titled “Our Messiah Said You’re A Nigger”.

Remember that Wolfson is a conscientious reader of Heidegger. When he writes about the themes above he’s probably having an unacknowledged conversation with him.

What does he REALLY think about Ukrainians?

Not a soul can imagine him having a conversation with Kolomoisky that resembles what Wolfson speaks of above.

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