I knew that I would find the best takes just casually going on shekina.mybb

An unexpected surge of counter-revolutionary sentiments occurred yesterday in Ukraine, in connection with the aggravation of the “Russian-Ukrainian” (Chaldean-Khazar) conflict there.

This is from Franki. He has something I’d call a primordial historical sense. And that’s a type of “sixth sense”. This isn’t about the post-USSR, it goes back centuries before that, even millennia.

Sorry to inform you that it isn’t about the Slavs. No, it’s about the different kinds of Jew out there.

This conflict isn’t about the Ukraine vs. Russia, it’s Israel vs. Israel.

There is a reactionary type of Jew that is similar to Putin. Otherwise he would not be getting away with “trespassing” in Ukraine.

“Wow, you make the Jews sound pretty cool that they’re capable of all this.” And there are different types of European too, and we have a special word for the kind with the instinct to fall in line as a Jew-admirer. Can you think of that word? I bet it makes you feel really bad inside and angry, because you know it’s real.

Let’s just zoom out and think about something pretty basic to understand. Over the last century, the west and Russia have shifted, switched places. First Russia was the one on the left, now the west is the one on the left. The Soviets actually won in that regard. And contemporary Russia is at a further stage of the dialectic, arguably. I can see this because I also see contemporary Russia as dialectically behind of certain types similar to myself, who are generally “disappeared” here.

You should lose the illusion of seeing Putin like a god. The closest thing we have to that is Khomeini, and Iran isn’t even doing that well anymore either. Still, there’s a distinction to be made.

This has been a theme here for quite some time now hasn’t it? When you look at the surface and see two seemingly diametrically-opposed parties, it is often secretly Jew vs. Jew. Control the currency, control the world- it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure that out, only a cheapskate.

My fellow “cherished” Americans might have noticed this same phenomenon with conservatives adopting liberal beliefs ten years after liberals. It’s a similar phenomenon in Russia. Putin is one of these “new conservatives” that is in fact liberal in the ways that matter the most.

You should learn to see what I say as interpreted by them as a “theological crime”. For “them”, in their very marrow, God demands things to be hidden. It doesn’t matter if it’s “true”, truth doesn’t have the same value for them as it does for those with a Grecian temperament. And they’ve infected the golem too with this “true COVID”.

“What do you mean true COVID, the new true COVID is the Russian invasion.” No. It’s Jew versus Jew, leftist versus leftist. Some of us just prefer Putin because he’s less leftist.

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