Not like I expect anyone to take me as the next Lacan or something, I just have a unique view of Putin’s psychology that not many want to admit to. Part golem, part hating golems, part hating the people who hate golems.

You really think he doesn’t know about the jewish problem?

“Am I a golem, is that my place in this world” – I expect he wonders this about himself.

The answer, is as always, to target the “1000 names” across the globe. This is the only way Vlad will feel happy in life at all, and I support him.

I think we should keep their skulls in a museum.

It’s funny to wonder why no one here could ever see Vlad as a normal human being. Imagine any journo in the west having a face to face discussion with Vlad. He’d make them look like such liars.

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