This gives you a better picture of what’s going on, and why

Prior to the invasion it was already two nations.

Let’s see what it looks like now

In that eastern part of Ukraine that is predominantly Russian some 14,000 people have been killed since 2014. The conflict didn’t end in 2014, it never stopped.

This is an informative article on what’s beneath the Zelenskyy-surface. Unz runs one of the best websites on the planet. High-quality, no-compromise content.

Another source I would endorse as all this unfolds is more controversial- livejournal posts on the Rusnet. Most will see these as illegitimate. I for one have found them to be consistently more realism-oriented than Russian state-owned media.

What’s happening in Ukraine right now is impossible to wrap your mind around fully because it’s still too early. These are ways of quickening your understanding of it.

When you see something like the following for instance you will experience certain moods that reveal your personal attunement to the world

Do you remember that ur-meme of the trollface gif growing a smile? I felt like that when I first heard of the above. It’s a temptation for reactionaries to “trust Putin”. Yes, that’s part of me. I also have my suspicions.

Some of the finest minds in Russia in my opinion are at shekina.mybb, and they tend to be on the suspicious side. Imagine if Trump was president for 20 years and throughout that time did his usual bow to Israel multiple times a year. That seems to be where the shekina.mybb crew is at in regard to Putin.

Is it possible that he “finally had enough” and in a sense snapped? Because what is happening in Ukraine is truly profound, and it’s too soon to understand the gravity of it. Really, the surface alone is all you need to understand it- a state “developing” toward liberal democracy with a Jewish president is being invaded by someone who for all intents and purposes is a “fascist”. See why the temptation is strong to trust Putin?

There’s someone I trust more- that is Franki. Look what he said yesterday

This is Hermetic Geopolitics. Most countries don’t have a Franki. Well duh, most countries aren’t white. I would rangordnung >

Then there’s Dugin who is simultaneously on a plane above and below those two sites.

I should just change my own site name to at this point. The three entities I cite are in contact with what the Abrahamic religions call an angel, and this is an unequivocal fact. Otherwise known as the Active Intellect if you prefer to be secular about it.

Oh man, speaking of “planes”, just imagine what plane the bluecheck type is on regarding Ukraine. Very low, close to the animal realm.

Let’s go back to those maps I showed you above though. A perhaps natural question to ask is, “Why don’t those Russians living in Ukraine simply migrate to Russia?” It’s because they’re not cosmopolitan, wandering Jewish merchants. If you can trace your family back to dozens of generations of living in the same geographical region there’s something special about it. We Americans don’t understand that so we’re going to be biased about that. That’s part of the reason the US was so easily jewed. Its very foundation is uprootedness.

Trump had a kind of spell on people, you can tell by the way the handshake looks here

Biden can be good for accelerating multipolarism due to his dementia. It looks like your vote for Biden backfired, niggers.

Anyway, last I heard, the feds of Russia got to Elista, and he’s even more perceptive than Franki. With that said, while on shekina.mybb I find there’s something missing and find myself returning to Dugin’s 2015 book on Ukraine. I think Dugin is someone of the nature that enjoys the limelight. With Franki there is less “moderation”. With Franki there is also less erudition and, at times, acuteness.

Reflect for a second- what sources have you relied on for your understanding of Ukraine? Shiteposters in many cases I bet. That’s fine, that’s like an English-language Rusnet livejournal. There are others, who are actually from the place the invasion was launched from, who are arguably the smartest ones there.

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