Everything good is happening somewhere else

Figured I’d see if “the guy” over in China has anything to say about Ukraine. Doesn’t look like it, only an article from 2012. He has interesting things to say about other subjects though, if you want to Baidu his name, 强世功.

Here is a paradox we have to deal with for a new constitution in the US too

Does our constitution say “You can tear me up and write a new one if you want”?

They are avid readers of Schmitt in China, and they seem to treat the above subjects with a serious, futuristic attitude, striving toward scientificity

How to write a new constitution, let’s have a college class about it. I envy those Chinese.

Wouldn’t you want to know if someone like this exists in the far east? These are student reviews

I’m doing that thing I like to do and “looking for the perfect book” on Taiwan. I think that would be key to understanding the Ukraine situation.

How well-informed are our liberals who are calling for violent intervention against the Russians? They know next to nothing about it and yet they want Moscow to be a radioactive nuclear crater that they can go on holiday and ski down in special protective suits while tweeting about how important it is to empathize with other cultures from the gondola.

Eh I don’t have time for these people. Here is an article on that Shigong, “Xi’s brain”, that mentions Ukraine.

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