Whether Putin is a puppet or not there are still insights to be surmised from the surface of things. Putin going “Rambo-mode” causes the liberal id to de-conceal itself. It wants him dead. And I think there’s a pretty good chance he will be dead too. Ultimately they want a female president in Russia, ultimately a brown female president.

Since the same people behind Biden are the same people who were behind Hillary I’m returning to her 2014 memoir to see what she has to say about Ukraine and Russia. If you read her actual writings you will see that she has more of a mind for geopolitics than most men do. On the other hand she simply cannot help demonstrating she is a woman. You don’t have to be a professional psychologist to see that she is horny for Putin. I wish she at least tried harder to hide it, because it is just a pitiful display. I was looking for objective geopolitical commentary and this is what I find instead. Leave it to a woman.

This is only one way of describing how the liberal id has an intrinsic mental illness. I know I’m not going to make anyone happy by saying these things. Do you want to understand the liberal id or not? They don’t care that women are like that, i.e. define themselves purely in relation to men. They want them to be presidents nonetheless. Men don’t define themselves that way, we have other interests and concerns.

And not all women are the same either. Brown women have even less autonomy than white women. This is the mentally handicapped liberal id- they want countries to have presidents with no autonomy.

Zelenskyy is merely an initial stage toward this in Ukraine. He represents the one who opens the gates to hell, rather than the demonic beasts that will stampede through them.

You might accuse me of framing things in terms of “postwar” too much- well too bad, do you want to understand things or not? Putin is already similar to Zelenskyy in the above regard. He’s not German, he in fact hates the Germans, as many Russians do. They were flamethrowing their grandmothers, what do you expect? This makes it difficult for Russians to escape being bioleninists.

Russia is already part of the EU in all the ways that matter. And the liberal id STILL wants him dead. Here, this is a less “cringe” anecdote from Hillary’s memoir

Boomers gonna boom.

Putin is very much one with the process of the regression of the castes. For the liberals he isn’t regressed enough. Killing him would be symbolic for us in America. In kabbalistic terminology he is one of the most powerful Kings of Edom still standing, perhaps thee most powerful given that libs don’t existentially give a hoot about browns or yellows like Khamenei or Xi. The death of Putin would represent the death of the hierarchy between white men and everyone else. Yes, you are all apes to us, it is the truth. Some of the apes we care for like children. The liberal id wants a “free zoo”. I for one want to care for the children. Maybe some of the more hopeless children I want to release into the forests, that’s another story.

Despite that as a postwar Slav Putin is doomed from the get-go from ever knowing God, he nonetheless is one of the brightest lights in the world. The liberal id yearns for dimness, for the extinguishing of light, it is anti-being, driven by a will for nothingness.

A subtlety to examine is that the liberal id is ultimately suicidal. Because by their own logic, they are next to die, to be extinguished. Killing Putin is a way of killing themselves. Like I’ve told white women before, as much as they hate to hear it, YOU ARE ME. You are exactly like me only dimmer. They don’t want a higher self, it’s too judgey. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a battle against this animal self. It doesn’t want responsibilities or higher ideals, it wants anyone who safeguards such things to be dead. For that reason I forgive Putin for poisoning fifth column coup’ers, I’d do the same thing myself. Lots of people in the US need to be poisoned. The totalitarian left already does the same thing with its enemies, it’s just that their form of poisoning, i.e. de-personing, is more accepted.

The way the liberal id works is that if it hears about its own project in such explicit terms as “the ideal of the free zoo” it only makes their bloodthirst for people like Putin dying even more furious, even blinder. Usually we try to stick with soft talk with the children because we know about this effect. I’ve never intended to talk with children here. So if you’re one of those you can go ahead and get more furious and blind.

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