A Mandarin article from March

the Taiwan authorities should no longer be stubborn and dream of “rock-solid” US support for Taiwan.

The strongest golem in the world is weakening. Its clay is crumbling and so too is the sorcerer animating it.

Just as Ukraine isn’t about Ukraine–Ukraine is about Taiwan–Taiwan isn’t about Taiwan either, Taiwan is about what the Chinese do AFTER they intervene in Taiwan.

This is going to be an extremely slow process. The initial step is US non-intervention in Europe- the eventual consequence is China’s intervention in the US. Thank the resilience of the Taliban. In the article I’m reading now they actually have the historical consciousness that sees the “abandonment” of Vietnam as a link in the same chain too.

Look, the yellow golems are trying to reassure themselves

“Taiwan is definitely not Ukraine” Taiwan-related experts said

There are some western brainwashed Taiwanese sweating right now.

Do you remember Pompeo? The former director of the CIA and secretary of state? The shabbos goy who continues to tweet about how important Israel is every other day? He’s currently spending four days in Taiwan. Jeez, if the US can’t protect Ukraine what happens if Iran throws immense funds into bombs for its satellite organization Hezbollah and Israel can’t support its iron dome? Ukraine is, of course, also about Israel.

If no one will mess with Russia, no one will mess with China; if no one will mess with China, no one will mess with an explicitly anti-ZOG white ethnostate. Dominoes.

Interesting concept from the Sinonet

Successive U.S. administrations have never relaxed the “Taiwan-style control of China”.

It goes without saying this behavior is incredibly racist. You might not have noticed until I pointed that out though, yeah? Taiwan-style control of China is a way of saying you monkeys can’t be trusted without a zookeeper. Failing in Afghanistan was a sign the US itself can’t be trusted.

None other than the German media has observed these connections

What will be pivotal is how countries react to high-profile deaths. If the Slavs can do it why can’t we do it, that’s what they’ll be wondering.

I don’t really care about Europe or Asia- what’s important to me is whether this conflict can inspire a civil war in the US.

So much waiting so much waiting!

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense also said that a full-scale military force to attack Taiwan will not be available until 2025.

Heh the Chinese on the Germans on the Chinese

Remember the trick to fluctuate between google and baidu, and google and yandex.

This is a good Russian article on some of the dimensions involved in the invasion of Taiwan.

Fantasizing about something like this happening in the US

Of particular interest to the Chinese comrades may be the landing operation to seize the Kiev airport Antonov, located two kilometers from the already world-famous village of Gostomel. The Russian operation to seize the decision-making centers in Kyiv (the General Staff and the Presidential Administration) could be an example of organizing something similar when Taiwan is returned to the fold of the PRC.

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