Hey thanks man

Did I say that? Sometimes I post on here when I’m blackout drunk and don’t remember what I said the next day, and don’t bother to check- the excellence my readers deserve, frankly. Nothing for me in the world… I expect to have to listen to retards and she-apes speak for 50 more years, and that will be how my life is summed up. Heh my readers probably know my more honest self better than I do.

How do I find the time? I don’t anymore, really. Hopefully I figure out how to transfer to a different gulag soon. What surprises me is that my peers don’t have a similar level of erudition, because I don’t even feel like I’ve put in as much effort as I could have. I spent my youth as a gamer and that was just a huge waste of time when I could’ve been learning Greek and Latin. Then a couple lust-based relationships consumed more years of my life.

Post-NRx eh? Greetings fellow traveler. It doesn’t take much to get there these days considering that as Yarvin has gotten older he’s only more and more fully embraced being a shill. Ironically he doesn’t even believe in patchwork himself, because he wants every patch to be run by jews. In what ways are you post-NRx?

For me it was more that it opened up more heretical interpretations of the Greeks and Germans. Sometimes you need a shove from people who aren’t mere memers in order to break away from the imposed hermeneutical horizon.

Nice hearing from you (if you’re not a fucking fed).

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