I still think the primary avenue toward utopia is exemplified by Tom Brady. I haven’t kept up with football myself since my earlier years, he just seems like one of the primary symbols of what I represent in the current year.

Whether you like football or not he’s a litmus test.

If you look at him and have lingering feelings of resentment it’s a sign you have them on the plane of ideas as well.

The Jews lowkey are not happy about Brady. He’s exactly the type that would turn on them and break their necks, except they’ve managed to subordinate him to the “sports order” in this time period.

“We will make sure he is disappeared then for that reason.”

In my opinion, Tom is a good “face” and he should run for president using “tactics”. From there, the murder will ensue. 200 to 0. That is what I want with the jews. We want a “butchery”. One of the only people with the know-how in the world for this is named “Thomas”.

“We will make sure what you say is collectively disparaged” – says the kike that is incapable of proving it isn’t a nigger.

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