Exactly what I want to know about

The fall of the Berlin Wall, ‘9/11’, the revelation of Stuxnet and the Russian occupation of Crimea… these events have led to a reinterpretation of the theory of war and a re-thinking of strategic studies’ key premises, in particular Carl von Clausewitz’s treatise.

People steeped in “post-Clausewitzian” theory are probably the only ones to listen to about Ukraine. This is about the Sun Tzu of the west and his disciples.

There’s something noble about human beings in that they have theories for just about everything, an “attempted science” for just about everything.

Unfortunately no theory, no matter how scientific, is going to change the mind of the type of person who has allegiance for what the MSM says about whatever given event.

This discipline is known as Strategic Studies. It seeks to capture the logos, or logic, of war.

to find an optimal equilibrium between achieving policy objectives and a favourable distribution of political power shares.

Liberals have a “zero sum” attitude toward Putin do they not? It’s not only that they don’t want him to have one square foot of Ukrainian territory, they want the CIA to coup him and install a brown woman president in his place, ideally.

Let’s look at war as if we’re looking at it for the first time. To put it in a simple manner, it’s the use of violence to get what you want.

This is how this strategy scholar puts it

the threat and use of force to fulfil the end(s) of policy

None of my readers find this picture amusing at all, I know it for a fact

For Clausewitz, war is politics. This is the idea his intellectual life was centered around. The word he uses, Politik, means in English policy, polity, OR politics. He wasn’t just an armchair theorist, he was a General who fought against Napoleon. To apply his thought to the contemporary conflict at hand, when you see a video of a bomb going off don’t interpret it as “a Ukrainian being bombed”- rather see it as liberalism being bombed. It is atheism being bombed. It is ideas being bombed.

For some, this is stating the obvious. I think many others take it for granted. It’s a war over the interpretation of the very nature of reality itself. Dugin calls it noomachia, wars of the mind. It isn’t “people” being sanctioned, it’s interpretations of reality being sanctioned.

Have you spent some time on the Rusnet yet? One finds about 10,000 times more degenerates on the Englishnet. “Our interpretation of reality is still right!!”

A people is ideas, a subspecies is ideas. Ideas manifest as policies. We should probably go with Dugin’s interpretation of Putin’s “denazification”- he sees it as a reversal of racist, Russophobic policies

denazification will require political and administrative control of the state. This is an order and not a request or a well-intentioned wish. If you really want to implement this program, great coordination will be needed in order to prepare an elite to carry out such a program.

I’ll put it in a way that he won’t- the Slavs of Ukraine have been being inundated by Jewish policies. Whether you want to say they have an Anglo or French touch too, their interpretation is that it’s anti-Slavic. So I hope the liberals are able to confess what they truly want with Ukraine.

“We love our kikes in America, why wouldn’t we love our kikes in Ukraine too?” – It is a well-known fact that golems have the best taste around.

Their intent is to “ROG” Ukraine

While you can without a doubt claim Russia has corruption problems, go ahead and scroll through the Rusnet for hours and hours. The internets of “liberal democracy” countries are far more of a disgusting place.

Consider how arrogant our Sabbateans are. This invasion is a wake-up call that they aren’t right about everything. And China is going to reduce their arrogance even further in the future.

One cannot simply say “Can you please stop being so decadent and corrupting my cousins to be like you too?” One needs to ROLL OVER GOLEMS WITH TANKS! Can you please… Can you please… Nah that’s not going to do anything. Sieging and seizing are necessary.

Digitally too they seek to repair Ukraine’s soul. Russia has blocked access to twitter and facebook. It’s tragic how many people in the US have been irreparably brainwashed by those platforms. Finally something good happening in the world.

-A twitter user shrieking- “What a tyrant!” Dude you’re Jack Jr. and you don’t even realize it, your “you” is gone.

Let’s segue to something broader now. I think there is a high possibility that the Russians will have to pay for this in some way. The arrogant Sabbateans are eye-for-an-eye. I don’t know what exactly will be done, I just doubt it will end with sanctions.

Putin is sending the message “You demons stay away from my cousin” – and is he wrong to?

Just look at the surface. Once you know the actual history of the Jews, and you see Zelensky, uh…

Even if Putin is euphemistic about the real problem in Ukraine, he seems to have the general idea right. I hope he uses this recently demonstrated audacity to fix Russia’s problem too.

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