I encourage you to reread this post to understand Zelensky. He is MEANT to be the scapegoat, that was the design over a thousand years ago and they still use it. Don’t even mention him or you’re just playing into their plan.

Kolomoyskyi, who aspires to the title of king of the new Khazaria, runs the government in Kiev, forcing them to carry out the orders of the Chabad, especially its New York part

This was written a few years before Zelensky was elected.

I’m willing to bet that if you did a google and social media search Zelensky’s name would pop up a million times more than any of the plutocrats he’s affiliated with. This is by design. Whether it’s praise or blame it’s MEANT to be directed at him, as a distraction.

It’s not even that this goes back merely to Khazaria. There’s evidence they were doing this same thing in ancient Egypt too. The goyim never learn. The only thing most rightists know about Khazaria is “khazar milkers”. I hate to tell you, that is a white nigger. Hey I like milkers myself, I just like to read books also.

Increasingly though it’s not even books anymore, because the publishing industry is monopolized. The most refreshing take I’ve found today is from livejournal

The answer to the highlighted text is, “Yes.”

I am an anglophone version of livejournal, here is what I like to do with it

Wait a second, he’s still ALIVE? Well, you do what you can with the internet.

A nigger that’s afraid of the 109. That itself is a baseball bat to the face, that’s why it’s illegal to speak of.

Putin isn’t the only one that has declared war. When you are banned it is because they see you as declaring war.

Let’s bring up one of the basics once again. The jew sees you as a nigger. What you should keep in mind is that the jew also partially identifies with sassy fat black women. Do you identify with one of those? Okay, so who is the nigger then?

You are banned for declaring war against a subhuman that determines the lives of humans.

If you know the actual history of the jews, Zelensky is an absurdist joke. Anyone who is aware of that would not want a jew for a leader in ANY country. Maybe Israel they can be the leader of, and even then my instinct is to simply nuke its main cities and be done with it.

We’re living in a time of palpable subhumanization, and when you realize the hidden nature of who is ruling our time it starts to make perfect sense.

An elementary-level kabbalistic concept is that GOD is in exile, and that is a fault in creation rather than a fault of the jews. No, it IS the fault of the jews, it has nothing to do with God, he’s the one who sent you into exile, where for the most part you remain, in the United States and Ukraine.

Eastern Europe is the new Holy Land they’re trying to create because they’re mentally ill!

It’s about historiography. Types like Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov see the Khazarian Radhanites as the time the jews began to truly “be themselves”. Everyone needs a Year 1. This is theirs, in the early centuries after the Talmud was written.

In a NORMAL high school class you would’ve learned of these things. In a ZOG history class you learned instead that Hitler replaces Satan as the definition of evil in the world.

It isn’t billionaires, it isn’t even trillionaires that are the problem.

∞ is the problem. They are infinityaires. They can print as much capital as they want, beyond trillions.

Printing bills and historiography are strongly connected and no one talks about it. They BUY YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF HUMANITY ITSELF.

There are many noble souls from the past you can use to see through their lies. Obviously they are kept hidden from you.

“And yet, look who runs things, goy.” And yet, look who feels personally attacked when I say niggers shouldn’t run anything.

Say the words goy or nigger to me and I’m absolutely indifferent. Say the word nigger to a jew and they start to get “paranoid”. The best person to be running society, clearly.

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