Would you trust any of our establishmentarians to have a face to face conversation with Vladimir?

~Hidden agendas~ Animosity. We know what emotion they’d bring to the discussion.

If “no one minds”, I for one am interested in approaching Vladimir Vladimirovich as a person.

“Why is this liberal talking to me.”

Vlad, I’m not a liberal, or a fed, or anything like that. I just want to know what’s on your mind.

“Well, I can’t say that.”

You can if you want to.

Who cares about nukes, the real interesting thing is Vlad Putin’s understanding of geopolitics.

“The fact you’re saying this to me in English makes me highly doubt whether you’re worth talking to.” I trust your instinct there.

This is a generational war too, mind you- I see you as an old man who is stuck in his ways.

Such beautiful Russian women, you don’t want to sacrifice them if you drop a nuke on NYC.

Not saying I advocate that, only that the impulse is there. Do you want to destroy the central hubs in the US? I do too, and at the same time I agree that the beauty of Russian women should be preserved.

“He really thinks the head of the Russian state is reading him and configuring how to route out nigger-jews” – It’s just a thought-experiment. People who care about beautiful Russian women and beautiful European women don’t care to read such a racistfascist website.

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