Wanting Putin to be a Sviatoslav does not make him one

Most researchers agree that the main reason for the campaign against Khazaria was the desire of the Kiev prince to eliminate the very burdensome Khazar mediation in the eastern trade of the Rus, which significantly reduced the income of merchants and the feudal elite of Kievan Rus

I feel the pull myself to want him to be one, so I’ll probably continue fluctuating between the two interpretations. The “fog of war” is a real thing, so it’s not like I have a choice to not fluctuate anyway.

Let’s go over some basics about Khazaria. The ruling-caste converted to Judaism somewhere around the year 800. It was also at this time we find the first evidence of a Jewish community in Kyiv. This is the time of the first contact between the Khazars and the Rus. Sviatoslav sacked Khazaria around 965. Kolomoisky’s dream is to return to pre-965 Silk Road hegemony.

in Kyiv, the Jewish community continued to exist, living in its own quarter. It is known that one of the Kyiv gates was called “Zhidovsky” until the 13th century

There’s actually a controversy among historiographers regarding the extent to which Khazaria was used as a model in the formation of Kievan Rus. Kolomoisky&co. likely take the side that believes the Rus copied the Khazars wholesale. Whereas Slav nationalist types think this belittles the history of their people. The “founding myth” of a state is crucial in determining the lifeworld of its citizens, so it’s important to get the facts right. If Ukraine has a Khazarian president then it’s a sign that some “facts” have prevailed over others.

It certainly isn’t this historiography that’s in place

to give Khazaria the appearance of a steppe predator, infected with the terrible bacillus of Judaism and striving to enslave Slavs.

Whether the Khazars behaved that way or not, the Talmud does advocate for predation and slavery.

Something to keep in mind about Khazaria is it didn’t consist purely of jews, they were just the ruling-caste. The majority consisted of other ethnic groups, Turks and Persians, among others.

Isn’t Zelensky a billionaire himself?

I learned on the Ukenet that besides the billion Zelensky has unknown funds in bitcoin also.

I wonder how zogged the education system is in Ukraine, and if many people there could even be able to see Putin this way

Judaism was accepted only by the elite of the Khazars, who made it a religion for the elect, and ordinary Khazars were in the most humbled position and therefore almost gladly met the troops of Sviatoslav.

By the way, many take this to be thee book on Khazaria in the Russian language.

Genealogists always brighten my day

The choice of Khazaria as an object of study was far from accidental. After all, Gumilyov’s main goal was to show who were friends of Ancient Russia, and who were enemies.

Even though I showed the NPCs all this months ago they still unreflectively sympathize with Zelensky. Born for slavery.

Ha good question

The truth is on the side of Gumilyov, but what does this give us?

This book had to be printed 15 years after it was written, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Gumilyov spent many years in gulags.

Even when there’s a WAR the horde, lacking in all dignity, will continue to pretend the most informative texts for understanding the conflict do not exist.

A follower of Gumilyov, a literary critic who became a writer V.V. Kozhinov even invented the term “Khazar yoke”, which was allegedly much more dangerous than the Mongol one, since it supposedly consisted in the spiritual enslavement of the Slavs. 

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