Pondering Sviatoslav leads me to want to know more about Ivan the Terrible. A book on the latter is one of the reasons that Platonov is currently on probation.

Wow, it really goes back a while

Ivan the Terrible was born in 1530 so he ruled Russia around the beginning of these infiltrations.

I’ve only been able to find a garbled translation of the book in question so I’m just going to be hopping around yandex seeing what I can find.

600 years of this??

The current system of sanctions and the activation of the fifth column inside Russia under the pretext of events in Ukraine are a continuation of the Cold War

If you want to know “how bad things really are” in the US, you can think of the entire left as a sort of fifth column. It’s state-ordinated Sabbateanism.

I’m pulling from Platonov at the moment. His probation is a sign that the fifth column has already prevailed in Russia.

I want to know why Ivan has the name that he does

During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, part of the ruling class – princes and boyars, primarily from Western Russian lands, under the influence of Western “advisers” hatched plans to reform the Muscovite kingdom in a Western way. For Russia, this reformation was tantamount to death, because it was during this period that Western civilization actually abandoned Christianity.

Erasmus was born in 1466, Calvin in 1509.

Americans, especially BOOMERS, will meddle with the possibility of a nuclear war before ever deigning to read someone like Platonov.


That word is going to be a slur a decade after all of you are dead. What a legacy.

Ivan the Terrible took care of thousands of them

Princes and boyars involved in sedition are executed, their lands are taken away

Take a wild guess why publishing that book on him caused Platonov to be criminally prosecuted? I don’t even have to say it.

Is there a more controversial figure in Russian history than Ivan the Terrible? I mean the recent commies at least. You’re remembered as one of the worst Russians to ever have lived because you crushed the fifth column within your country.

He’s usually associated with blood, being “bloody”.

Apparently the defamation of Ivan began in the 18th century. Seems to line up well with when Ostretsov says (((freemasonry))) began percolating into Russia.

Oooh so this is what Putin really needs, rather than a war with Ukraine, “oprichnina”

Having created the oprichnina, [Ivan] managed to cut off the head of this hydra.

How he’s depicted on google images ahahah

How bad things really are in Russia? Ivan the Terrible slaughtered Russian traitors, i.e. people who were influenced by “western” advisors. The traitors of today living in Russia aren’t Russian. Catherine the Great, born 1729, was the one who created the Pale of Settlement to keep the Khazars out. The good old days.

It was only in the thousands that he killed, and the population was around 10 million at the time. How many would Putin have to kill?

often the bodies of the victims were thrown into the trash

Platonov is more explicit in a different essay

Hoffman has an illuminating study on how this began during the renaissance.

Man I wish I could find that book. Remember Platonov was only its publisher, it was written by В.М. Ерчака.

Exploring the mystical foundations of the royal power of Ivan the Terrible

Here is an interview with the writer.

There were 300 people who did not repent. The king ordered that their fate be left to the will of God. They were placed on the ice of the Dvina River, the ice was cut off the banks. The ice a meter thick could not stand it, and they began to sink.. From that moment on, the pouring of mud on Ivan the Terrible began. The Talmud says: “Whoever strikes a Jew on the cheek is subject to death,” and here 300 people died.

Official cause of Ivan’s death was stroke. Ерчака says an autopsy report shows he and his family were poisoned with mercury. He was only 54.

It looks like Ерчака was un-personed for this book. Fired, not invited to conferences, and he’s on probation too. This is Belarus he is from, if this tells you anything about the state of that place. He says some bishops will admit Ivan the Terrible is a hero if you are one on one with them, they just don’t say it in public.

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