If you can’t see this it’s because you are one with it

The parasitism of the Judeo-Masonic civilization has surpassed all conceivable limits, leaving far behind the slave-owning (pre-Christian) Roman Empire.

Platonov is a prolific writer, and one of the best minds of Russia that I know of. So it’s fitting that “the best goyim need to be killed” and he is punished. I’d like to hear his thoughts on Ukraine – too bad I guess. I’m sure they’re ruining his life in other ways besides having him on probation. You know the stereotype we have here of 900 page Russian novels? Platonov is like that himself except in the realm of theory. “Oh yeah I wrote a 500 pager over the weekend if you want to check it out.” So I don’t claim to be an authority on him yet, because there’s too much to read.

I think this is one of the main cruxes of “the issue”

criminals who managed to make big fortunes by any means

I’m reading this right now, which is considered “extremist, banned material”. The point is, the people in control got there for not good reasons, and the way that they govern society reflects their nature.

I think there’s a difference between people that can only be understood somewhat theologically. The leftists who are happy the corporations, banks, CIA and NSA are on their side every step of the way essentially believe the world is good, that God is good. For people like me this is a demiurge they are worshiping. I don’t think the former have much of an intuition of evil. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that people of the former tend to consistently be prole-bloods, orc-bloods, and goblin-bloods, and women, man’s inferior. They simply do not have an intuition for evil because they are only part-people. Thus they are unable to fathom the demiurge that they worship. They in fact constitute the very base of the demiurge.

I know that the following will “trigger” vast, diverse swathes of people, and I don’t care, because I think it’s true- Platonov calls Russia the surviving core of Christianity. Christians knew about this demiurge–this is especially clear in the Apocrypha–and they put God in the rightful spot above the demiurge. The demiurge is the jewnigger- that has been forgotten for many centuries here now, increasingly so as time has gone on. Jesus was the Jew who redeemed them from within their own people, and the ones who didn’t listen continued to be “lepers”, and continued to worsen and worsen through rationalizations, epitomized most starkly in Lurianic Kabbalah, epitomized more starkly even than that in today’s murder-worthy kikes.

Nietzsche was a hyper-Christian, he even knew this himself. I’m not a Christian myself because I’m a hyper-Christian.

The Habiru desert-cutthroats never even made it to the level of Christian. They are truly the closest thing Europe has to a “human ape”. Even lower than a negro savage, because at least the negro savage builds their own hut instead of having their hut be built through immoral, sheisty means.

Anyone who has partaken in redacting me over the years is also lower than a nigger for hiding these human apes. Look in the mirror. Russia isn’t the only one with a fifth column. 99% of the “right” here is bitchmade. Own up to it, nigger. Pff it’s been years, they never will- they’re a proud fifth column at this point. When are you getting the “PUSSY” tattoo on your forehead anyway?

One time in the library I saw some guy literally with a footprint tattoo on his face. Maybe that would be more fitting.

The point in this context is that Platonov is not one of these people. Better to read him than nearly anything in the slave-language known as English.

Can you even imagine things being far worse than they are now in 20 years? I bet people will be so hollow by then they won’t even notice. This is what all you fifth column cunt-heads represent. You’re the 500 pound devil’s cheerleaders. “I’m only 300 pounds.” Oh it looks like you got me there, you owned me.

Anyway I agree with the boomers that it is tragic the depths the Russians have fallen to

Rome fell, its role passed to Constantinople, and after the fall of the latter, Moscow became the center of Christian civilization, for centuries, until 1917

You just have to ask yourself who the true “Pope” is. Because it isn’t Biden and his backers.

Putin is the Borgia Pope, and he is the Pope nonetheless. It is grim. And what is the alternative?

Well, me for one, some of my favorite times I’ve had in this life have been theorizing about seasteading, the moon, and Iran. If none of those are possible, Putin is the next option.

Just read Platonov, he’s one of the most rigorous hermetic voices of this “Third Rome”.

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