No one wants to answer that question, why they’ve spent so many years being total niggers. Otherwise you’d see me invited to a podcast now and again. Nah, they want it kept a secret to the people who listen to them that they have obvious nigger tendencies.

“You’d probably hide how much of a disgraceful liar I’ve been, right?” No, and you know that I wouldn’t.

Pretty much everyone that is allowed in the mainstream without deletion I see as “running a stand” in the street.

Ironically, most of the right seems like kebab-sellers, while people in Iran are dropping true WMD against the planetary enemy.

When will they accept that ever since its foundation by Saxons the US has been a nigger country?

I’ve admitted before that I have sympathies with the Normans of old, and I think these maps tell you something about that

In reality, NATO is already red everywhere on these maps.

An optimistic view of Putin would see him as being aware of this and choosing to fight against it.

Let’s see one liberal admit that Putin is responding to “invasion”. That his invasion is a response to another invasion.

No, they don’t have self-awareness, they are jewniggers that want to make all of the world like them.

Wow, sounds like the “far right” in America. What a coincidence. If they still behave like white niggers even as anons then you know there is no true opposition here.

The only essential change will be in skin-tone. Rightists who hide the real far right are a type of Zoboomafoo Kunta Kinte nigga, they look white and they are monkey-like, slave-natured.

This isn’t a fabrication, the reason I am redacted is because it is true. Even the “anon-right” is full of “monkey-niggers”.

And those are people I respect more than most, so imagine what you are if you aren’t part of the anon-right.

“Are we all just the same then?” No, that Ukrainian woman from earlier is a guiding light, she is not the same as pretty much everyone in America.

“They’ll make sure bad things happen to me if I ever say I believe that.”

So you sold your soul. That’s everyone.

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