The more you examine the case of Platonov the more the Ukraine situation looks like smoke and mirrors

So that’s how they do it there. I bet Platonov would appreciate hearing how they do it here. I’d have some crazy stories to tell him.

Read this to see how Russophobia is rampant at the highest levels of Russian society.

Platonov is the top authority on the following in my opinion

In light of these things, this “Ukraine War” is somewhat akin to watching Saving Private Ryan in its fictitiousness.

The real entertainment to me is watching how “absorbed in the drama” people get. The truth is they WANT to lose themselves in the illusion. What do you expect from superficial Americans, a people whose gods are actors and actresses? They can’t name a single screenwriter, they only know the ones who say the lines. The question is what is the screenwriter’s perspective? And of course even when most of the Tanya is in English they’ll never bother to read it. Engineering wars between goyim is something they’ve been doing for centuries. “I like to watch my real life movie, shut up!” Okay fine, I’ll admit, it’s a pretty enthralling movie. I just suggest you maintain this schizo double-consciousness of what’s going on.

“So you think you know what’s going on, goy? That itself is an illusion you’re absorbed in. You will never know what the view is like from the world of Atzilut.” Platonov is at least helpful in getting a sight of that. Anyway though, I’m looking for his thoughts on Ukraine, because he’s one of the few I can think of who would have a viable opinion about it. As I showed you above part of what “they” do is distract him from important work, and this can manifest in infinite ways, so being on so-called probation at the moment he might not even be “able” or “allowed” to remark about Ukraine.

The following at least you can be certain about

the Zionist ideology, which considers all people, except Jews, objects of political manipulation and exploitation.

“I want to have fun with current events, just leave me alone.” As if that isn’t a form of being manipulated.

This is what he expects…

Interesting in a symbolic way, this is what he told someone in 2018 when they asked him a question as he was leaving the courthouse.

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