Excessive excessive truth from this writer that Unz hosts. If you want to have an optimistic mood today I wouldn’t read him. Still, he kills everyone, makes everyone look like a fraud. Maybe too much “street talk” at times, though I’m the last one who can fault someone else on that. An Anglo/Jew-dynamic expert, to be sure. I’m not even linking you to another article of his, because he wrecks everyone too devastatingly. Only burning-eyed copers can emerge from reading such articles. “Everything he says is true and yet I’m not going to change my ways at all.” You’d almost have to say that someone with that behavior shouldn’t deserve a vote? Oh no, then only .1% of the population would vote, and what a shame that would be.

What I believe in is the nobility of the human mind. Political philosophy is the highest science that determines all other sciences, and the writer I linked to is a political philosopher.

“I thought that was physics?” The fact that you have that conviction is the result of a top-down political decision that was made. Politics determines how we see “science” at all.

Similarly, politics determines how we see political philosophy at all. Thus, the golems will never be able to truly understand the things I say here, or what is contained in that article above.

There are some who do speak of the Jewish Problem, and they tend not to get into this abstraction. It’s not just a hierarchy of human beings in the world, it’s also a hierarchy of concepts. The Jews are just an arbitrary moment in history. The mysteries of political philosophy can be applied not only to today’s US, they can be applied to ancient Greece and ancient China too. The basic idea is that the disciplines of human knowledge must conform to the demands of the ruling-power of a given time and place.

How about the Yorks? This was a royal house prior to the Jewish invasion. A similar way we reactionaries talk about the Jews now could’ve been talked about the Yorks in the 1400s. Pretty sure you got tortured on the rack for that in those days. Do we not have a rack today?

When I’m talking about “the house of York” I’m actually talking about political philosophy by applying it in a real-world scenario. “The house of New York”.

I have a feeling that even if the Jews were 1000x more evil their “subjects” would be loyal even then. It’s just the nature of most people, to be loyal to whatever given ruling-power in whatever given geohistorical situation. And the Jews are already at least 100x more evil than most of their loyal subjects are able to understand.

And who did decide they were royal? I believe it was an economy that they rigged that decided, along with the slaughter of millions of people. Sounds legitimate.

“You would have rigged the economy too, if only you knew HOW!” No, that’s just you kikes’ temperament. Most of the “major sins” of the British empire were carried out by kikes too, they just added their own further sin to that by putting all the blame on the British. Whites tend to be decent people who hold the door open for strangers, whereas kikes charge for entrance. I’ve realized this before, and today I saw a string of a few whites hold the door for each other, and it was palpable there was no “self interest” involved. This is something the kike cannot understand. Perhaps one of the main definitions of a “nigger” is that it is trapped in its own solipsistic ego.

“What about open-borders that Jews love so much?” With that policy the country will soon cease to be first-world, thus it’s like holding the door open to a shop that only sells radioactive chips and candy. Open-borderism is just another expression of their solipsistic ego. They want trash from the Pale like them to be invited anywhere even after generations of imbuing a society with depravity. “You’re forgiven. Please, cross the border, even if you end up ruining the country.” And it’s easy to see how the natural goodness of whites was exploited in this way too.

Anyway, like I said before, even if Putin is a puppet, real insights can be gleaned from what is going on with Ukraine. I’ve seen pictures of people with their limbs and head off their body. Even in a condition like this, the golems will not practice political philosophy.

This is a sign of how hopeless and beneath humanity they are.

It actually reflects how there isn’t only the war in Ukraine- there’s simultaneously a different war. If people can be driven into silence even with extreme conditions like this, it means someone is holding a gun to them.

Talk about political philosophy and you’re dead.

Banned, doxxed, fired, scapegoated, they don’t need to shoot a gun. And after all, why kill them when you can make them suffer instead, and keep them alive at the margins?

Read that Unz essayist to know more about the intricacies of all this. That’s not how Anglos treat the enemy. The Anglos trusted the Jews and were betrayed by a depraved people. Now we all have to deal with the consequences.

I know that everyone intuitively understands this

gentlemanly and ‘good sports’ pride of fair play and good form & manners among the Anglos

We don’t have that now, that’s why we call them kikes.

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