There were some warning signs when I first started getting into “trying to understand humanity”. Around the ages between 16-19 I remember a handful of people being paranoid that’s what I wanted to do, telling me I really shouldn’t do that. This I see as a stereotypical “medievalism” that is still around today. At the same time there is a truth to that paranoia too. Even the peasantry has intuitions that are objective, even if they are unable to articulate why. Humanity is not something that should be understood. That is excess. Excess is real. Excess of understanding is real.

I’m just trying to hold a mirror up to you and through that try to understand myself, because no one knows everything. It does seem to be the case that an excess of understanding is bad, and that means ignorance is good. I think most people already intuit this (and maybe they need to see it articulated to realize that), and that does not reflect my own particular inclinations. My intuition is that people who intuit the world that way are wrong. How could you ever trust the inclinations of someone whose intuition is that “ignorance is good”?

Just making this formal. Everyone from brilliant academics to anonymous intellectuals have this intuition that ignorance is good.

That one writer from the Unz site I linked to yesterday? He’s an exception.

I just want people to try to reflect on that for a second- being blind is seen as a good thing.

Search your own soul, what do you find there?

Do you think understanding can be excessive? Why do you think that?

I literally do challenge you to write your answer on a piece of paper, since I know you won’t answer me directly. If you actually wrote down your answer you’d understand yourself better. You probably have debates with “me” that consist of you talking to yourself. Might as well write it down and see what your answer is, because I suspect you don’t have a substantial one.

“Understanding can be excessive- here is why I believe this…” Go ahead, no one’s going to know what you scribble on a piece of paper. I’d prefer if you wrote it in cursive.

Oh, all of a sudden, you have nothing to write.

A paragraph or two that’s not utter nonsense would possibly prove you aren’t just some unconscious robot who revels in ignorance. Then again, it would probably require a 1000 page thesis to effectively prove that. Understanding Can Be Excessive – the title of your book. And instead of 1000 pages you simply prefer to ignore the question altogether.

That’s the meaning of “redaction” – the mealy-mouthed scapegoaters only continually repeat “Ignorance is good, shut up”. Is this the sign of a civilized person? As I’ve detailed before, it is a double ignorance- they advocate for the ignorance about ignorance itself.

I genuinely request that you write in cursive a paragraph justifying yourself on a piece of paper no one will ever see. Then re-read what you said and wonder if you did adequately justify yourself. My expectation is that it would be a paragraph of nothing. Empty reasoning that only reaffirms “Ignorance is good, shut up!” I would like for you to try though, because it would be a good spiritual exercise.

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