I still think the peak of Realpolitik as it pertains to nuclear weapons was written by Land in reaction to North Korea’s testing of missiles in 2017. We need something of this quality that reflects on the current Russian crossing of the Rubicon. If the linked-to essay is any indicator, there are grim implications to nuclear technology that one will never cease struggling with.

While you probably think Kim is an “unhinged maniac”, I have no doubt he knows more about nuclear warfare than 99.999% of people in the west. That’s because he has his own patch and has had to strongly consider these things for years, with the existential and mortal plight of his people in jeopardy. If I could talk with Kim about this he’d be one of the first people I would ask. If you think of Biden for instance, he’s so dead to these things. For Kim this is a living concern. We’re living in the “easy times” of the west when everything is on auto-pilot. Not for Kim.

Yeah like you retards have proven to take my advice. Whatever, he’s right there, he could probably tell you something about it. “And betray my Comrade Putin?” Okay so maybe not.

The point is, the countries with nukes who have thought about these things know more about the occult significance of the Ukraine War.

Who do you think would be most neutral?

My intuition is India.

Let’s just talk about it without mincing words. An “”Israeli”” is going to be representing the west in foreign policy. We should have a polite conference of gentlemen. A Russian patriot, an Israeli, a European (who isn’t a shabbos goy), a Ukrainian intellectual, an Indian Brahmin, all brilliant minds in one room. Oh don’t worry, just trying to prevent nuclear apocalypse.

All of these nuclear powers should’ve met by now and discussed this NATO/Russia problem from off-the-reservation premises, and of course we know that hasn’t happened. Who cares, the world is destroyed by nukes. Better for that to happen than to lose status in the world of appearances. Manchildren at the posts of our governments.

Okay, I will begin the discussion. I did not invite China because I have a certain bias against the Chinese for being the ones who will likely be prevailing over Europe in the next century. No, that’s immature. I invite the Chinese. Everyone should attend to their own biases so we can address each other as rational subjects (as best we can).

“You sound like an American, I don’t like that.” Can you help being a Russian? You think I don’t see you as having certain biases?

Again, out of the nuclear powers that could be most neutral, India stands out.

No one can be neutral. They just seem to be in a peculiar place geopolitically.

It’s a farce though to think there’s an adult in the room. Both the west and Russia secretly scoff at India. Same with Kim. My only point is that they might give you insights you wouldn’t have thought of, being in auto-pilot mode. The Cold War was white vs. white (jew vs. jew) and there’s been a complacency since then. Emerging nations have had to think about nukes in new ways.

In my experience, the “chimpbrain” really reveals itself when thinking about nukes. For instance, I like the idea of Beijing and Shanghai being nuked, along with NYC, LA, and Jerusalem. Can you fault me for hating my enemies when you probably hate your own enemies just as much?

For this reason I think an anti-nuke treaty should be signed as the new multipolar world emerges.

Not saying it’s plausible, just that it would probably be a good idea.

No, it is too late… Did you read that Land essay?

Want to solve the Fermi Paradox? Much thought needs to be put into this question then, because many planets probably nuke themselves to death. ETs are thinking, “Haven’t solved the nuke problem then not worth bothering with.” Just because we have skyscrapers doesn’t mean we’re at the final level of civilization.

I’m not sure this problem will even be solved in our century.

The naive response to nuclear technology is “Let’s just go around and dismantle all weapons and destroy all the science behind them.” So the person doing the dismantling still has one nuke to use “just in case”?

And then in the future if we have a 250IQ status quo population they will easily figure out how to build nukes as teenagers. So getting rid of it isn’t going to solve the problem. We have to figure out something with more of a sight into the future. And the white monkeys of the west and Russia can’t even figure out how to settle their own disputes between each other. That’s where we are.

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