Anyone else find themselves in the mood of seeing him this way?

I fluctuate, and I try to resist the above interpretation, because that is the “natural”, unreflective interpretation someone like me has, and I try to hack myself. (Recall my post on Kant’s distinction between reflection and sensation.)

I’ll just say it- I’m not falling for your Jewish tricks.

I’m going to muse on a book I usually avoid. People’s mental alarms go off more loudly when they hear the title of this book than when they hear the title of almost any other. That’s why I avoid it. The problem I find myself in now, looking at present geopolitical happenings, is that this book talks about war more than most others. So I’m kind of pressed to flip through it a little bit. Stay calm, try to stay calm when I say the title. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Let’s just start from square one here. I’ve never met ONE person who thought it was actually written by Jews. That’s stupid. It was obviously a shrewd goy, or group of goyim, who wrote it. I read it as fiction and I find truth in fiction. And you’re aware of how much JQ material I’ve absorbed- the Protocols are top-notch. That’s why when I look for it on z-library I first see about a dozen studies ON it! They know there’s so much truth in it. That’s also why they’ve primed people’s minds to have all those blaring mental alarms when they hear the title.

I do want Putin to be “Vlad the Madlad” – I just want you to ask yourself how plausible the following is

The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world.

This goes for people not just in government. The basic non-government government is constituted by the media and academy. All of these two’s myriad manifestations are selected for for their capacity for servile obedience. This also goes for seemingly anti-establishmentarian anons. Today we are speaking of one of the most interesting cases alive today, Vlad Putin.

“You’re just being a jew by painting him this way.” I’m open to the possibility. Just trying to reflect on my instinctive interpretation.

Anyway, they’ve even primed the right to see people who talk about the Protocols as David Icke tier. Nah, you know how many other books on this subject that I draw on. If the Protocols are the only, or one of the only, books you know on the subject, then yes, that’s a problem. I’m simply trying to not be biased and say This one in particular has some perceptive thoughts on war in it.

Don’t you like my little psychological musings here and there? The normie-jews reading this, who the Cohens see as “the donkey the Moshiach rides in on”, are unfazed when I talk about both Putin and Zelensky being kike-puppets- they just nod and think “Yeah, probably”. They don’t care what is being pushed at any given time, they don’t care if it doesn’t perfectly align with their particular personal interests and beliefs, what they care about is that their people are in control, and that it is their duty to follow their “protocols” as they are shown to the goyim in the media and academy. Orange Man Bad, Black Lives Matter, Vote Biden, wear a mask, we stand with Ukraine, these are exoteric protocols. Pretty much every single Jew and shabbos goy that follows the protocols wants you to be living under a bridge if you frame the discourse in this way. I probably have millions of readers and they’re all amused to watch me rot away over the last year – how would that make YOU feel? Their amusement amuses me, because it’s even worse to be a shabbos goy or a jew. Truly a sprawling group of niggers. Anyway, don’t think they’re innocent when you see them parroting the protocol-of-the-day, because they KNOW it is merely a protocol, one that is meant to weaken their prime enemy, white people. They don’t need to believe it, they just trust the Kagal. No thanks dude, you’re fucking evil. I have a Kagal of my own, one that isn’t rooted in rigging the economy in order to be effective. Wow, what depths you won’t sink to. Willing to be the vilest scum on the planet so that no one judges you for rightfully being sent into exile by God. For this world-historical crime, we are justified to exile the Jews from life itself.

The Regression of the Castes, Woke Capital, “ACAB shaming movement”, etc. etc.

What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.

“You’re drawing from a book that’s been deboonked!” It’s only fiction, how could fiction be debunked?

It’s all too real, it is, it is, my many readers let me rot away over the years because they know I’m right that they’re “in on it”. This also is one with the regression of the castes. When I put on my old leather jacket lately I’ve thought “You’ve seen better days–kind of like me.” An American citizen knows exactly what effects “sanctions” have on the Russians and Iranians. Oh, you think I’m going to stop calling kikes what they are? Niggers? Let’s see a Russian or Iranian rise to that level. Doubtful they can. If Vlad wants to be a madlad he has to make a nuke with that name printed on it and launch it at Israel- “Dead Niggers”.

No no, that’s reckless, let’s go back to this “natural interpretation” of him

Optimistically interpreted, invading Ukraine under the PRETEXT of “denazification” is the only way to end the end of history at this time in history. Reread the prior sentence to truly grasp it and you will be in an angelic stratosphere ten levels above the shabbos goys.

I don’t even want to quote the Protocols at you, just read it yourself if you are in a non-mental-alarms-going-off state. I look at all the so-called “classic” novels written in the 1900s, and they all pale by comparison. The Protocols is the aristo novel of that century, sorry if you’re too much a product of the protocols to accept it.

Seriously, google “best literature of 20th century” and juxtapose anything from the top ten list with the Protocols. This is a litmus test. None of them are about “the world of Atzilut”.

“What’s the world of Atzilut?” Your memory skills must be really bad.

In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us

No one (on the right) wants to wonder if Putin is being blackmailed or bribed to invade Ukraine. It’s like how the right was silent about Trump’s relations with Epstein. It’s because, in truth, the “far-right” tends to be a shade of shabbos goy.

Like I said, it’s still too early to determine what’s going on with the Ukraine thing. I can imagine the possibility of certain “pressures” circling Putin. Maybe nothing on paper, just in his own mind. Subtle threats that have gotten to him over the years. If you want to talk about ZOG in an extreme way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jews were the actual ones with control of the world’s nuclear supply, both in the US and Russia, as well as elsewhere.

“Sounds cool!” Yeah an ape with the means of violence to anoint its own apehood as the exemplary human on the planet, so cool.

Who am I talking to? Millions of apes who want me dead probably?

In the case of Putin, as with Trump, it is mostly a matter of mind-reading, because you cannot expect a head-of-state to reveal the higher-mysteries to the common folk. I was right about Trump, so I probably can’t have the worst intuition on this matter. It’s a trade that they make. It must be nice being the “Tsar” of Russia, wouldn’t you say? They give Putin that, and he gives them something in return.

These Jews don’t care about “the surfaces” like many goyim do. What matters for them is that they’re in control. They offer goyim surface-power in exchange for never speaking of the ones in control of it. This is enough for most of these animals. How many times do I have to tell you that they’re mostly right about the goyim? Surface-animal, nigger.

Their happiness is being able to buy you like a prostitute, your happiness is throwing up your arms as a prostitute to shill for what they want you to shill for.

My happiness is understanding this dynamic. And it’s mostly like watching a tragedy, so there isn’t much happiness, hence next to know one chooses this form of happiness.

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