Forget Bilderberg or the Trilateral bluhbluhbluh

This was a few months before the Euromaidan Uprising.

Ugh, a napalm strike on ONE building. It’s possible in the future.

I’m just continuing to look for writings of Matveev since he seems even more dangerous than Hodos in regard to understanding “the real Ukraine”. He has another book, titled Политизация языка иврит. He knows Hebrew himself, and studied Jewish History at the academy.

Golems creating golems creating golems

The ideologues are developing and striving to modernize a new project of managing the Jewish masses and controlling other countries and peoples.

Hello Esther reading this- are you so sure your grandchild won’t be born in Ukraine? The noble Habiru people should appreciate me as much as any Nazi does given that Habirus are unwitting products of top-down social engineering as much as anyone.

Matveev calls it post-Zionism and hyper-Zionism. Notice how so many yids don’t want to live in Israel? And how the ones who do are on average a middling IQ? The New Khazaria project in Eastern Europe may be an alternative to that failed Israel idea. And we could be witnessing “the new Palestinians” today running away from Ukraine. The number is about 2.5 million that have been scared out of the New Khazaria in the last couple weeks alone.

Who knows what the “vibe” of that region will be in, say, 50 years. 50 years after, say, Putin is deposed.

Once the US is majority mud, and the Jews here are looking for an excuse to move away from the disaster they created.

“Oy vey that actually sounds like a reasonable theory from my Wagner nemesis.” What else is new, and it will not see the light of day, will it.

You might recall the incredibly controversial book by Sand here in this context. There’s a somewhat convincing case that the Ashkenazim never lived on the land known as Israel in the first place. They very well could use their state of the art propaganda in the future to persuade everyone that the beginning of Jewish history was with the Khazars, and thus that the territory of Ukraine is part of their “true homeland”.

Just look at the surface of it anyway- pictures of nature in Ukraine vs. pictures of nature in Israel. No one wants to live in a desert.

I’m not completely sold on this theory myself, it’s just something to ponder given the fact that the ruling-caste of Ukraine believes in this theory themselves…

Let’s just say, if any of this is true, 2.5 million gone in two weeks, that’s called being a pro at what you do.

Just throwing it out there that Schneerson himself did not have a positive view of the US. He thought the political foundations would be bad for the long-term preservation of the Jewish people.

The Besht was born in Ukraine, Nachman was born in Ukraine, the list goes on.

The US is pretty close to destroyed as it is, this could have been just a temporary sanctuary for them while they take a century to rewrite history so that their old home can be livable again. They did something similar after the Spanish Expulsion, hunkering down in the Canary Islands, drawing up game-plans, before they infiltrated Amsterdam and London. What, did Grandpa Moshe not teach you about any of this?

Damn, this Matveev seems to know everything

The IMF is controlled by national governments, whereas the BIS IS a national government unto itself, a supranational government. Anytime you get the urge to say “Putin” you should say “the BIS” instead. It even has a similar land-area to the country known as “the Vatican”.

He really does know it all

However, the most consistent negative attitude towards usury in all its forms has been preserved to this day by Islam.

Israel cannot function maximally with those neighbors.

I’m surprised it took them so long to put this guy in the hospital. Maybe it did have something to do with the Ukraine Plan?

For a long time, Chabad-Lubavitch has been planning to resettle many American Jews

This is eerie. Just focus on Putin and the actor Zelensky. They tell you the whole story.

More on that super intriguing prediction from my previous post

The Department of the Middle East of the US Intelligence Service conducted a special study, the data of which were made public. This study says that the State of Israel will cease to exist as early as 2025, and most Israelis will re-emigrate.

It is important that among the main reasons that served as the basis for such conclusions are the following: among the reasons for the total remigration of Jews in the mentioned study are: the growth of the nationalist wave in the countries neighboring Israel; the surge of Islamism in Egypt; the attraction of the inhabitants of Israel to their native places. For the authors of the document, indicators of the fact that Jews are uncomfortable in Israel are the following factors: insignificant population growth rates, “not going to be compared with the population explosion in the Palestinian lands”; half a million Israelis live with American passports; few people are already attracted by the idea of ​​” the purity of the Jewish race, on which Israel was erected “, therefore many Jews ” prefer to go to multi-confessional countries, with a mixed national composition of the population» .

There are only 7 million Jews in Israel. 2.5 million Ukrainians “were moved” in two weeks. It doesn’t sound that impossible for this to happen.

This isn’t even Matveev’s main book on the subject that I’ve been drawing from. I haven’t been able to access that yet.

Like with Platonov, there’s a “mysterious” silence from him about the recent invasion.

Anyway, just a theory, just a theory. I prefer someone like Matveev to the 99.9% of political discourse that amounts to “PUTIN BAD” or “PUTIN GOOD”.

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