If you’re not new here then you are aware that it is odd that after all my sifting I am only now discovering this writer

I think he’s a Belarusian Jew. This is how they treat their traitors. “So don’t be mad at me for being quiet.” Okay so can you admit that part of yourself is happy Lev here is treated this way? I’m not the monster here, you are, I only rose to the occasion.

There are so many tiers, and tiers within tiers, to the great chain of being. People have this really clunky abstraction about it where it’s like 5 distinct levels in a pyramid or something. No, there are infinite levels. I have this thought because looking at Gunin’s case, it seems they let Platonov off easy. And then other Cyrillic-users like Dugin they only had fired. The punishment is based on who reveals god’s plan (the demiurge’s plan) most clearly.

Now consider dear old Adolf’s punishment. Being regarded as Satan for decades and decades. Master-revealer.

The real revealing is when you turn the punishment back around on them.

This is only possible to a degree, because look at Lev’s fate. I’ve spent more time in Canada than most Americans probably and I was always struck by how friendly they were compared to Americans. I don’t think these totalitarian tactics reflect the Canadian people themselves, only the demiurge that rules above them.

Just imagine your high school history teacher. Many of the people I bring into the discussion here aren’t much different from them, they just picked the wrong historical subjects to study. Maybe I’m biased- I had a couple of those and they were wiser than most of the other teachers, for whatever reason.

I’ve noted before that if you’re still young and not blacklisted, not just historiography but the philosophy of historiography is possible to teach the youth without getting into trouble.

“Listen boys and girls, the government controls what history means, and this is a government job.” Nooo not that far, even in universities they don’t go that far. It’s still possible though because the “watchers” aren’t aware of the higher processes in their strategy of control.

It IS weird to see that these people (like Bjerknes) who are perceived as the most evil things on the planet could easily be the best high school teachers ever under different political conditions. I see this as saying something about humanity, and as saying something about Being itself.

It goes back to real basic instincts. Yes, I want kids to know the truth of human history. That’s what I would’ve wanted, wouldn’t you have? So why would you want others to have different things?

“That would make them cynical.” Exactly.

One of the main problems we have now is that these non-cynical people who were educated by mediocre, subservient teachers have no impulse to want the younger generations to have a better education than them.

I would even go so far as to make the pessimistic remark that they want children to have an EVEN WORSE education than they did. They understand the world too well, and they want less of that in the future.

You thought liberals were people you understood? This is what their id looks like.

“Our hyper-capitalist enslavers killed the bad guys, and everything just keeps getting better and better since then.” Isn’t there supposed to be a “moral to the story” here? Why are kids taught this malignant deception? Look at how pathetic the adults are today who were taught this “history” – they all want kids made in their pathetic image.

That’s the real law of history- niggers perpetuating themselves. Why is it you see nothing behind someone’s eyes? It is because they are at the end of a process going back hundreds, thousands of generations.

Snap your fingers in front of their face, there is nothing there. It is a biological robot. That is its “model”, and it cannot be reprogrammed.

Some of us notice this problem, most cannot face it. Someone who is shaped like a human, and is yet… a machine.

It’s almost like giving them the death penalty when you even speak of this phenomenon. Sure. A non-person posing as a person and advocating the extinction of actual persons should have the death penalty. And who is going to “vote” for that? The nigger majority is going to walk voluntarily up to the noose? Only an autocrat can save real humanity.

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