The options for “who to ask” about the war

Moldovans speak Romanian, Romanian-speakers share an extensive border with Ukraine, thus I’m going with the Romanianet.

They’re talking about Khazaria-nostalgia too.

Why ask them? Because

Ukraine – for which Romania is practically at war with Russia

They link to another Sviatoslav-like figure, this one from the 11th century

Is there an inexhaustible amount of these types or what?

I discussed this historian before, back when #Russiagate hysteria was in the air, because he has a more balanced perspective on Putin. He also writes on the curse of nominalism.

He’s someone who’s more trustable than most

Timely- it looks like he wrote a book on Ukraine in 2019 (independently published).

Someone who ends an essay about centuries ago with this line is likely a reliable source

The Jewish usury was a revolutionary development that required the prompt intervention of a legitimate prince.

This is what he says about the Euromaidan Uprising

few Ukrainians take the EU or NATO seriously as an option for Ukraine, meaning that the western narrative of this revolt for westernization is false

Mind if I ask you where you got the idea that they are pro-westernization? Was it English-language sources perchance?

In 2010 a poll showed that only 1-3% of Ukrainians trust their political parties. Zelensky isn’t their hero.


There are so many internets out there, why do you stick with the English one?

Something important about Kolomoisky&co.

almost 80% of the economy was liquidated between 1989 and 1995… As a billionaire during the near-anarchy of the 1990s, there is good reason to believe her wealth was illegitimate.

Liquidation doesn’t mean capital disappeared, it means it changed hands. Let’s just say the ones it went to didn’t have names that ended in -chenko.

Another sign of what’s been going on there is that in 1994 the state debt was 5 billion, and by 2022 it is now 106 billion. Meanwhile, in 1990 there were 313,000 Ukrainian scientists, and by 2017 there were 94,000. They’ve only gotten poorer and dumber since said “liquidation”.

Does Kolomoisky look like someone you’d trust owning dozens of companies in your country?

Not like Russia doesn’t have its fair share of Kolomoiskys. It’s the difference between a liberalizing plutocracy and an illiberalizing plutocracy.

This is significant- this “more trustable historian” wrote the following in 2012, I don’t know if I’d trust google at the moment

I see this as a type of “decolonization” Putin is undertaking

“We WANT to FORCE liberalization upon them!!” This is what is unspoken on the American NPC left that flies Ukrainian flags on the front of their houses.

What if the following were true?

This is a country that survived Polish and Jewish colonialism for centuries, invasions from Turks and Mongols, Soviet starvation policies resulting in the deaths of tens of millions, Gulags, dozens of genocide attempts, the German invasion and Cold War, but when liberalism is imposed on the country for roughly two decades, the country is on the verge of extinction.

You’d have to go to Ukraine yourself or visit non-english internets to get a better idea of that.

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