The favorite book of the Tzadiq of Kolomoisky&co. is the Talmud, Jesse, so let’s see how a randomly-selected volume of the standard English version of that book begins

If I’ve done nothing else I hope I’ve helped you see a ruse for a ruse.

Did anyone else think “That’s Kantbot put through an age filter” when they saw this pic?

They’re lying to you with full knowledge that’s what they’re doing, because that’s what they do. Is Kantbot still that way? I haven’t checked up on him for a while, the face above just reminds me of him.

When I reflect further on this, their Tzadiq saying the Talmud is his favorite might just be another lie. “Bacharach and Nathan are my favorites” – Who are they, the interviewer would ask.

Ever hear of Steinsaltz? Kind of a big deal. Translated 40 some volumes of the Talmud.

And yet, look what he says in a book he wrote himself

Look how the 42nd volume also begins in its opening pages

The sad part is most golems trust them when they say this. Sorry to inform you, they want you to be half of yourself, they want to de-spark you in 2022. They want the next you to be a monkey. They’re the same as they were in the Talmud days.

Steinsaltz is one of those refreshing contrasts to Scholem in that he didn’t write ABOUT Kabbalah in this book, he rather wrote a Kabbalistic book. The Thirteen Petalled Rose – which alludes to the first lines of the Zohar. Israel is the rose, the goyim are its thorns. (For more about this, see here.)

Let’s try to be concrete with this. Have you ever actually sliced your finger on a thorn? The purplish-red blood-drop that beads? Do you know this experience? For centuries this is how they’ve seen you. You’re something that cuts them with judgment and makes them bleed.

The golem-zombies of today less so.

They grasp a smooth rose nowadays. Kabbalah is like ideological CRISPR.

Is that a rose they’re smelling, or a sort of red dandelion, an elaborate weed?

Evolutionarily speaking, the smell of the rose probably relied on those thorns to protect it.

“Hey, that’s ME, I’M the thorn!” – so says the basic doctrine of the shabbos goy.

You’re a thorn to protect a rose of sulfur. Only a shabbos goy doesn’t smell that.

That’s what our zeitgeist-egregore is, a rose of sulfur that doesn’t cut you when you pick it. An invasive weed that has killed off the actual roses, and the lilies and the lilacs, through a subterranean root-system.

That says something about your own olfactory. If you smell sulfur on a stem and think “This is a rose” that says something about the validity of your senses.

The revaluation of values needs to be revaluated. We are living in a case of the mental patients taking over the insane asylum. The millennia of exile caused the Jews pathologies that we have tolerated. Whatever you think of Christ, he led to first-world peoples DESPITE constant pathological Jewish (pre-Christian) behavior. They missed the boat to Humanity. Once again, they look like rats, what else do you need to know? These mentalward cases want Aryans to be monkeys so they are more similar to Jews. What we know of as “Jewish ghettos” were really just town-sized padded rooms they kept themselves in straitjackets in.

No, Jew, you are the thorn.

Get back to me why you need to bribe and brainwash people so you can have a few miles in a desert.

The reality of politics today is that its foundation rests on niggers calling humans niggers. Is that the world you want? You Jews smell like sulfur that any ape can pick without pain and think “This rose is divine”.

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