This is a good thread. If you can scroll through the thought-spam, I’m on page 4 and it’s the best material I’ve read for a month or so.

The feeling I only speak to Bolsheviks to one degree or another is getting to me more than usual today.

It’s spring, the sky is blue. Unfortunately it’s almost exclusively vermin that walks upon the earth.

Something to understand about shekina.mybb is they’ve had a forum since I think 2006, it just keeps getting (((deleted))), and they use lots of jargon from years ago without clarifying its meaning so it takes a while to fully grasp what they’re talking about.

Here is one Franki often brings up for instance

such adherents of Talmudic ultrafascism are, in addition, fanatics of the kippur-kappar law (that is, they are accustomed to blaming the victim for the crimes they commit, instead of the criminal), then they should also be legally deprived of the right to life.

A jew is a nigger and a nazi rolled into one, that’s why they are such a “global” problem. They’re imperialists of Decadence Supremacism.

Pff who am I even talking to, virtually all of the right is some stripe of Bolshevik… What’s up, nigger, I’d kill you and your family even if it meant only a million people survived on earth. I might as well be an “ET” myself for being able to have this observation. Billions of apes are worth less than a million non-apes. Does anyone even know where the “tenderloin” is on a so-called “human being”? I do.

Keep telling yourself that the word “humanity” has any meaning at all. There is no “one humanity”, there are mostly species of animals and a few species that could qualify as human. And the nigger-nazi hybrid known as “jews” are ecstatic that most non-animal goyim are close to extinct.

It really is ironic isn’t it that nearly everyone on the “right” is a nigger-nazi hybrid like jews at this point.

Eh I’m not perfect myself, just perfect enough to see these dismal realities and remark upon them (which no one else will).

There are a few left in Russia too. King Charles I of England executed 1649, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia executed 1918 – probably explains a thing or two about contemporary geopolitics.

If you’ve supported the nigger-nazis in any shape or form you’re just a pleb with bad blood. Your great-grandparents were subhumans who bred with each other, and look at the turd that was shat into the manger, that’s “you” who has grown into an adult.

I don’t claim to be an aristocrat myself (sure I don’t), just an aristocrat-enjoyer. That’s the difference between our races. The only people I am able to read are ones who aren’t products of your $nigger-nazi$ political zeitgeist.

“Let me prove how much of a total nigger I am and gain my friends’ support for doing so.” Yeah, this is year what now of you living in denial? I bet you’re really going to magically stop being a nigger after a hundred months in a row.

Here is the state of humanity. I prefer to look at the sky.

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