If you’re irony-poisoned you’re not going to understand much of what’s going on here. Art, Philosophy, God – these all have real meaning after the mythology surrounding them is gone. I say this as someone who is an unironic fan of Infinite Jest. It is a necessity to pass through that book in order to understand the ironic mood of today. David Foster Wallace was literally a boomer, and even he knew irony better than millennials. Sure, yes, he’s a boomer, that’s why we can’t speak of him. He is nonetheless the crescendo of irony in our time.

“Don’t bring him into this, that’s not a good look…” Like I care. The rabble and elites disagree with me- that can only be a good thing.

The death of God and irony-poisoning are closely connected in the west. Even these concepts themselves, “the death of god” and “irony-poisoning” are something you probably see with ironic detachment.

“Aren’t you that poor alone guy?” That’s the sacrifice we have to make.

Infinite Jest could easily be made into 700 pages without any footnotes, to improve it. The spirit of self-aware irony in it is unrivaled. We need this sort of boomer to show us the way beyond them.

Most of the people you find on the left have this irony-poisoning they don’t understand.

I believe in unironic Justice.

“What about the white ape form of justice?” No…

“What about making excuses for never naming the Jew?” Yeah, you’re just a nigger, you don’t care about higher ideals.

“Well I’ll be ironic toward you then.” Yes, that’s how a nigger rationalizes why they deserve to be seen as a person.

Irony Irony! Nothing means anything! It actually does. God is real, being a demon on earth is real. Art, Science, and Philosophy are not things to be ironic about in order to diminish them. These are the highest manifestations of God. And if you get them wrong you’re the opposite of God.

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