Ukraine might as well still be a blank for adults

Eastern Europe reflects a divide in the white psyche itself.

I have to get on the Russians’ level, hating the west so much they’re willing to think of themselves as a type of Asian. What’s north of the Swedes? Eskimos? I’m an Eskimo.

Ukraine is being consooomed

It just seems so larpy to not call Russians Europeans. Give me a break! What we’re seeing in Ukraine right now is a phenomenon happening between Europeans. Yeah dude I’m an Eskimo too.

Euros are one person. The expansion of Russia into Ukraine is that person’s decision to be a certain way. It’s a “mood” that person is “leaning toward”.

It’s been memory-holed that Russia once possessed territory in California

Borders change.

A “person” is a battle between moods. Some moods overpower others. The west isn’t doing much about the expansion of Russia into Ukraine so that’s the mood that’s dominant in this person known as “Euros”.

I feel like I’ve been gaslit my whole life to not see Russians as Europeans. Sure, that’s why many of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy’s major influences were English, French, and German folk. I’m not falling for this psyop.

You should know about some of these changes before you scream for US intervention

There are some flaws in this video, you get the point though. To the surprise of no one, Dugin has the best article on the basic history of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

It is about moods at the end of the day, I have a similar mood of Russia, and the chances are you probably don’t. Dumbocracy, freedumbs, I don’t care about the west’s cheap bullshit values. Everyone lost WW2, Russia just lost it less.

Usually we talk about ideas spreading. The expansion into Ukraine is symbolic, it’s ideas spreading geographically, the idea in particular being illiberalism. What, you like cowardization, whoreization, mongrelization? Then you must be a liberal. At least admit what you stand for. The destruction of strong men, the destruction of noble women, the destruction of the only race in the world that could possibly be counted as human. Admit it, liberal. Tell us exactly why you don’t like illiberalism spreading. Niggers don’t admit anything, they’re weak, ignoble, and subhuman.

“I just don’t want Putin to cause a huge war!!” Then you’re cool with “”~liberalism~”” expanding. There’s no “talking it out”.

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