Since I found so many insights about my favorite German poet on the Sinonet, I’m now looking him up on the Rusnet

Hölderlin, whose entire work is based on the opposition of Greece and Europe… Hölderlin says that “Apollo slew him”

Yes yes Dionysus too! Hölderlin is up there with Aeschylus in my opinion. They had contact with the same spiritual entities probably.

Yes, this is true Mr. Russkie

Hölderlin refers to beauty as the source of Greek civilization. The Greeks are beautiful because they are one with the gods.

Not many people I get this feeling of beauty from. I think Ovid was connected with the same gods, except with different names.

Hölderlin follows Heraclitus in his interpretation of beauty- it’s one, divided, the central symbol being fire.

Who can blame them? I’d abandon them too

the European world is abandoned by the gods

By far the best interpreter of Hölderlin is Heidegger. It might as well have been Apollo himself who wrote those books on him. Beware of English translations of Hölderlin’s poems, many of them make him sound dull. The best renderings are often quoted in full in those Heidegger books.

It probably won’t hurt to see what the successors of the Byzantine Empire have to say about him though.

He could save the US

in “Hyperion” Germany itself appeared as a gathering of self-satisfied, culturally alien philistines and barbarians who had forgotten about their origins

Despite that, Germany did manage to rekindle the spirit of the Greeks, until they were snuffed out. This is a line from one of his poems

Hölderlin was trying to herald in a new God. An old God in a new setting.

I wrote before about how Hölderlin went insane

Antigone for Hölderlin is not only an example, but also an anti-example. For, neglecting the human measure, within the framework of which only human existence is possible, Antigone falls into pride and, daring to speak on behalf of the invisible God, perishes. 

The final chorus in Antigone invokes Dionysus. He was actually such a stan of that play he personally translated it.

While his buddy Schelling was lecturing about mythology, Hölderlin was inventing a new one. Yup, some people just decide to do that.

Why do you think this theme recurs on the Rusnet?

Mysteries of our political order revealed

How can one not recall here that Hitler, when asked by the Belgian rexist Leon Degrelle “Who are you, my Fuhrer?”, answered the young SS man: “I am a Hellene!” It is no coincidence that the life-affirming ancient art was taken as a model in the Third Reich in contrast to the degenerate rubbish of Picasso

It never stops being amusing to rip on Picasso. You suck, Picasso!

Chances unlikely

the sensitive human heart attracts the celestials
And the omnipresent ether, as before, reigns over the homeland

I hope I have that experience again, of reading the Greek tragedians for the first time, of reading Hölderlin for the first time, except with something else. It’s just not fair, there’s not enough beauty in life. I associate these types with flowers, I can’t explain it. When I think of Ovid I think of flowers. That’s the sensuous way my monkeybrain grasps the concept of Beauty.

Yes, this is one thing he has on the ancients

Like you Hegel-dorks know what self-consciousness is, pah! Hegel’s buddy does though. Turdworldization isn’t what Marx had in mind- start there, genius.

Meh too alone to think clearly. Loneliness is a form of death. What you get for being the self-consciousness of western culture.

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