I don’t know what to tell you people, no one wants to hear the real meaning of “politics”. There are so many inferiority-complexes that form the ground of it. Unacknowledged, disavowed, rationalized ones. I don’t try to be hurtful, I mostly try to act as a psychotherapist or something like that. Just imagine someone who looks down upon Yahweh and his children. You think I have a choice to see it that way? Life would be easier if I didn’t.

What’s palatable given current events is to scapegoat Russia, so why not. A type of inferiority-complex drives them to make such rash decisions like invading Ukraine. The collapse of the USSR hangs over their head like a dark cloud. The Russians aren’t the ones to focus on though. The holocaust hangs over the head of the Jews. It’s a total inferiority-complex we are witnessing today. “You killed the chosen people?” Yeah, you’re obviously niggers, as your behavior in the 21st century shows without any doubt at all. Ask yourself, do you feel personally attacked when I call you a nigger? Because if you called me that I wouldn’t feel any stir of emotion. Ah we found the true “goy” in this scenario. Cue jew minds calculating how to make excuses and create a smokescreen about their nigger-status. Yeah, you relate to people who live in huts and dance around fires in loincloths, that’s what a jew is.

Why don’t you ever see a Mexican saying “I have an inferiority-complex, what should I do about that?” We all know it’s there, so why does no one give them advice? The answer is “jews live in self-deception”.

You won’t like to hear my advice. It is to adopt white supremacy. The other options are jewish supremacy and third-world supremacy. Pretty easy choice to make, and yet.

Anywhere you look in the west you see this inferiority-complex. Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Blinken, all people who silently agree about orc-universalism. Potato, blacked brahmin, shabbos-italian, kike, they’re all the same in hating themselves and having high levels of envy for people who aren’t less than human like them.

I’m in fact a type of philanthropist who offers them good-willed advice. Do you think they truly want to reach 80 years old and still be in that pitiful state? “If all non-niggers are removed from reality then it will be fine.” You said it, not me.

It’s really obvious that when you visit this place you know what you are. And all you can do is never admit it in public.

Don’t you care about people like you? You’re giving the green light to people like you continuing to be niggers. If you do that I’m not so sure you really care about them.

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