If you want to determine why things are the way they are you need to approach history with the attitude of a detective.

Many people see the beginning of America with Columbus. I don’t see the point of that, it seems unduly emphasized. The beginning of America was a cross-continental civil war between golemized Saxons and Normans on one hand and non-golemized Saxons and Normans on the other.

Those British redcoats from the Revolutionary War? Defending the (((crown))) – how is that not golem behavior?

Most have a real 8-bit conception of this war, something like “English vs. English”. It’s more Saxons and Normans vs. a different set of Saxons and Normans, the latter being beholden to Sabbatean bankers from Babylon.

If you don’t know this about the Revolutionary War then you won’t be able to understand the Civil War where the Saxons prevailed over the Normans.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. I want to get into something probably more important than the discovery of America in 1492, which took place a little earlier between 1455 and 1487 in England, the War of the Roses.

Before being zogged, the peoples on this most conspicuous little island were already fighting each other.

It isn’t easy for most to look at history in this way. That mischling girl I’ve mentioned is Irish and she doesn’t have to cope much about the JQ or the white orc phenomenon. Certain mixes are better suited for it than others. The majority we’ll call “bolsheviks” and they have to live in self-deception about most of these things. Their darkest secret is they hate beauty and want it eliminated from earth.

There’s a certain beauty to Jews, and a certain beauty to Saxons that we should avoid wanting to eliminate. History free from all ressentiment, that is the aim.

If you think of (((Heisman’s))) magisterial historiography of the Civil War, it’s just saturated with ressentiment for the Saxons, so I don’t think his historiography is the end of the story (as groundbreaking as it is).

When you look around you see ressentiment everywhere in the west, so you have to ask how that happened. Who created the conditions for that to emerge? It does seem to have a lot to do with a string of Saxon victories. Those provided the soil for today’s golems to grow.

What was happening in England before America was even discovered anyway?

a maturation of the distinction between the “greater” Normans and the “lesser” Normans who became associated with the Anglo-Saxon “class”.

What parts of our Constitution are redeemable? Could there be a racist reading of that document?

the Southern contribution to the American Constitution against the “Saxon” King George III in 1776.

The US is only about 7% Saxon at the present time, and given that the “Normans” as a concept has an illegal existence, we wouldn’t even be able to figure out what percent of them remain – less than 7 to be sure. The conflict between these two seems to be the primal ground for leveling that the rest is built on. Literally elf wars that led to the age of orcs…

It couldn’t have gone any other way either, i.e. “Why couldn’t they have made a truce?” Because Saxons are an orc-form of elf and can never admit it. There’s never going to be a truce, and it’s too late for one anyway.

Heisman IS the most direct speaker about this

The most overt rejections of the Norman transplant were the Puritan Revolution and the Yankee Revolution. In the case of an organ transplanted to an individual, drugs that suppress the immune system (and which can cause cancer and infections) are often given so that the body will not reject that graft. Similarly, pre-Protestant Christianity usually acted as a suppressant of the Anglo-Saxon sociobiological immune system; a suppressant of ethnic hostility.

Heisman doesn’t mince words that the “Prots” were a type of racist Saxon supremacist. There could have been no “truce” with them. They were proto-Marxists in a way. A proud slave-minded sort that wanted the slaves to be the masters.

The nose-goblins here are just an accelerant. They found a goldmine in the post elf wars US.

“Wait a second, you can’t say these things about the noble George Washington!!” He wasn’t a Saxon. He won a war and then his people lost the next war. THEN, those people who won the Civil War conspicuously picked a certain side in WW2.

It goes back farther than Washington, and even farther back than the War of the Roses. The nobility was decimating itself, that’s how the Saxons were able to arrive on the scene at all. It makes sense if you follow aristocratic logic. Nobles don’t want to be slaves to other nobles. There’s no “truce” between them either.

People mostly only know about the Tudors – they were after these conflicts

A blood feud between the aristocratic Percy and Neville families in the early 1450s helped to provoke a much larger and far more destructive bloodfeud between the Houses of Lancaster and York.

You sometimes see reactionaries say Restore the Tudors or Restore the Stuarts – why only go back that far, to times when the leveling process had already begun?

The nobility nearly massacred itself then the plebs took over. Some of those nobles escaped to America before being massacred later by plebs. This is the real “American history”. And you go from here to someone like Rachel Dolezal.

It’s too bad they’ll never make a TV series about the War of the Roses and the conflicts that preceded it from a non-rabble perspective. That would be top-tier entertainment, media that laments the plebs taking over. Supply and demand- there are simply not enough people who sympathize with non-plebs to justify a high budget/high box office.

The point here is that when people call you a Nazi they’re really calling you a Norman.

That’s not an exhaustive way to look at the US though. When they call you a Nazi they’re also calling you an Edomite, or in the case of Putin, a King of Edom.

Both the Anglo and Jewish lenses are necessary to understand what’s going on in politics today.

Synchronously, the feud between the Nevilles and Percies took place in YORKshire, and without that feud we potentially wouldn’t have our New York City today. We have a new noble caste today, some would say pseudo-noble. Whether they’re pseudo-nobles depends whether you approach the issue as a Saxon or a Norman… And most Americans, both left and right, are inescapably of the Saxon spirit due to the triumph of the Union in the 1860s.

Like I said, probably only a very particular “mix” of Euro can peer at this with clarity. Not necessarily mixes either, there are lots of pureblood Germans living in America and I expect behind closed doors they’d be amused by this reading of history.

Those Germans trusted the “Anglos” and migrated here. They never expected those wars in England between nobles would have led to them living as third-class citizens below goblins and muds. Thank a Saxon today, hurry up, they’re almost extinct themselves here. Thank a Norman for not making a truce and being greedy for power.

It’s always about a girl, isn’t it?

A girl, land, property, what’s the difference? I’m all for scapegoating Maud for the decline of the west. Just kidding. Unless?

It’s always somewhat arbitrary to “pick an event” when it started. Just fun exercises in my opinion. It’s just lazy to point to somewhere in the 20th century as when things began to go either uphill or downhill. The patrician style of history is to go way back. The Sumerians, the Homerics, the Plantagenets, etc.

I don’t think my site attracts stupid people exactly. I’ve had endless battles with “fellow Normans”. We will have no truce.

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